Thursday, April 21, 2011

Christian Crafts for Holy Week

I made some additions to old posts, with pictures and some printables!

Stations of The Cross Coloring Sheets I made as found on Our Holy Week

We are making our Offering boxes and SONcatchers today, as seen on our LMNOPreschool post.

Last night I put together our Resurrection Story puppet show. It turned out quite cute. The printable characters are available at Catholic Icing's blog -where else!?
I used an envelope box, which fits perfectly all you create. I used fasteners (brads), for the nails on the cross and to swivel the rock on the tomb. The cloudy fluff is stuffing for making toys. Wrap the characters around cardboard tubes, or if you print them on cardstock, they'll hold their own. Yes, I laminated it all to last for years ahead.
I hope you enjoy making these crafts with your kiddos as do we.

May God Bless your Holy Week
and a Happy Easter to Christians everywhere!


  1. Every craft that I do, you totally approve on it! I love how the internet lets us all share ideas so they can be built on. :-) LOVE how all the characters fit into the tomb box- what a great idea! The brads as nails is also genius. I also love your printable stations. I'm going to save the link!

  2. wow! You are truly an artist!! I loved your Stations of the Cross. I will add your post to a link I have of different coloring pages of the Stations of The Cross. congratulations!!!


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