The Jesus Tree

I’ve seen a few blog posts about having a Jesus Tree for Lent that is similar to the Jesse Tree of Advent. It uses a tree with bare branches, made out of twigs, felt, paper, or a wall decal like we have for Our Forever Tree.


You add an ornament each day that symbolizes a story from the Bible you wish to share. I decided to make some paper ornaments I (and others like you) could print out and cut to hang on our Jesus Tree. Each image has the Bible verses underneath, and you can laminate them to use year after year. I hope you enjoy these. Hang up one each day (except Sundays) from Ash Wednesday until Easter.


Print out the cards, punch holes if you'd like and hang by strings or on hooks like we do. Or perhaps use them as bookmarks or move through the stack as you read them. I printed these and hung them on the tree all at once, so the kids can see the images longer. I take one down each day when it’s time to read the scripture.

imageJesus Dies Earthquake

I am so glad that this has become such a popular activity! These are for you to print for your family or classroom! I love great quality resources for parents and teachers, and I hope to continue to share my talents with all of you. In an effort to make sense of all the time I've spent putting these together, updates, etc for friends and strangers, I've added a small fee for my printable documents. 



*Note: All of this B&W artwork was found on the web in various places without any credits or links to the original artist available. I simply made it all in this Jesus Tree format in a coloring page style.  It has come to my attention that some of these fantastic images are available on CD "Ecclesiastical Art by Ed Riojas"  There is certainly no intent to use copyrighted art and I made this printout free, so I am not reselling it. Just making it available to families that need something for the kids to color! No need to purchase or donate for this file.

Alternate uses include flashcards or a Lenten Path as seen below.
Dining room table draped with white cloth. Cut Jesus Tree ornaments and staggered in a path around the table. Added colored popsicle sticks for crosses, one red cross near the images that are about The Passion of Jesus. Then covered it with clear vinyl (found at fabric store). This would also make a great idea for a table rosary, using pictures of the mysteries in the shape of a rosary!
I had this idea to add cutouts of the kids that I would move to each spot each day of Lent. Ended up cutting out all four kids, which looked too cute to separate! So they mark the beginning of the Lenten Journey, with other special stops along the way.

*Note: Because the artwork utilized free images from another artist, these are to be used for home or classroom use only. These are not to be sold at retail stores or craft sales.

All activities have been moved to my Homegrown Catholics Blog.
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Our School's Prayer

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