Our Family

It began with a personal ad online, looking for a blossoming courtship. Two young adults, deciding to give it one more try to find their match on the internet. Wouldn't you know, they were just miles away from each other.

Melissa and Tom fell in love before they ever met in person. Tom had one picture, and Melissa had nothing to go on but his sweet emails and a few phone calls. They met for the first time at a local Dairy Queen, a second date for a walk, and two weeks after that first email - he proposed marriage! That was June of 2001.

We made it passed the horrors of Sept 11, 2011 tragedies - Tom being at a power plant was a high risk and very unnerving. We married April 2002. The wedding theme was blue denim dresses, and denim shirts and black suede vests for the guys. It doesn't seem that long ago.

Now 10 years (May 2001-2011) since we first met online, and more in love than they day we said "I do."



Our First House 2003-2007





Our Second House 2007-2010

Fall 2007

Spring 2008

Christmas 2008


Our Third House 2010-Current

Christmas 2010

Fall 2011
Spring 2012
Spring 2013 


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