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I'm great with themes. Give me a theme and I can create a project, party or class about it. Here are some of my favorites I've blogged about for your enjoyment and a chance to benefit from my efforts. No need to reinvent the wheel!


*Sibling (Baby) Shower


*First Communion

*Jesse Tea Party (Advent)

*All Hallows Eve Party
All Hallows Eve Invite SAMPLE
You are invited to "Be Not Afraid." A Catholic Celebration of the Eve of All Saints Day. Invitations request saintly or modest costumes, bring a fall dish to share, and bring an idea for pumpkin carving.
halloween christianPA300016
On the door was the poster above with a poem about Halloween and how we need not fear ghosts and goblins - because even they must bow to Jesus who conquered death! The invitation features artwork of Lazarus rising from the dead and poetry about Soul Cakes, the old traditional treat begged for at the doors of neighbors.
We had soul cakes (plain and powdered mini donuts) as well as SOS suckers for "Save Our Souls." These were covered in coffee filters, wrapped with silver pipe cleaners bent into wings and halos.
Inside decorations were very traditional orange and black. Vases had spiders made from black pipe cleaners. A Tombstone made of cardboard was displayed with names of loved ones who had passed, with a special section for the unborn.

Fun crafts included door hangers and picking out pumpkins to carve! Many prolife and Christian pumpkin patterns are available online.
Pumpkin CarvingPumpkin Carving

*Read about our birthday traditions here...

*Butterfly Tea Party [for Mikayla's 6th]
Mikayla's 6th BirthdayMikayla's 6th Birthday
After a rough financial summer, Mikayla decided her party would not only be to entertain her friends in style, but all gifts were to be Food Donations to the local food shelter. The guests participated with glee.
Mikayla's 6th BirthdayMikayla's 6th Birthday
Decorations were very purple, sparkly and butterflies all over. The centerpiece is a foam rectangle covered in wrapping paper. Tissue paper butterflies are tied to wood skewers and stuck in the foam. A decorated can holds crayons. Each guest got a bag with a balloon, mini nail polishes and other treats. Each place setting had a paper doily, a plastic tea cup, and matching plates.
Mikayla's 6th BirthdayMikayla's 6th Birthday
For a craft, we made tissue paper butterflies using a pencil end, tissue paper squares and glue. For lunch we had chicken salad sandwiches cut out as butterflies, deli spirals, fruit, and hot cider in a teapot instead of tea.

*1920-30s Birthday / Mother's Day [for my Grandma's 80th]
Retro Invite Sample
Everything was vintage for a day. The music was swinging, the candy was retro, pictures of my grandma were everywhere, and everyone was dressed for the Cocktail Party! I even made posters like magazine covers of those days, featuring pictures of my Grandmother when she was young.
Magazine with Doristime cover 1928 -DORIS
Here's the guys shakin up the martinis, and us gals prepping the kitchen for a classy luncheon with vintage dishes.
Wicks Mothers Day-Spring BdaysWicks Mothers Day-Spring Bdays

*Princess Party [For Sabrina and Mikayla age 3]
Princess Invite SampleSabrinas 3rd Birthday
Sabrinas 3rd BirthdaySabrinas 3rd Birthday
The girls got the royal treatment, everyone arriving dressed in style. A special display of photos for everyone to see.
Sabrinas 3rd Birthday
Cupcakes are a traditional pink frosting and the toppers are Disney Princess characters printed from online and cut and taped to sucker sticks (found in the cake & candy decorating isle).
Sabrinas 3rd Birthday example-crown.jpg
Sabrinas 3rd BirthdaySabrinas 3rd BirthdaySabrinas 3rd Birthday
The Table is decorated with a party store tablecloth and party bags in many colors cut to look like castles. Each bag has a different character exiting the castle door and a tag that reads "I am a princess, because my Father is the King of Kings." Crowns printed to decorate and wear are from

Mikayla's 2nd BdayMikayla's 2nd Bday
Princess themed decor and prizes are easy to come by at any store. To add to your fun, consider a white paper table cloth to draw on. Maybe use the fancy dishes for the meal. For guest gifts: ring pops, plastic necklaces, and plastic crowns.
Mikayla's 2nd BdayMikayla's 2nd Bday
Mikayla's 2nd BdayMikaylas 3rd Bday

*Embroidery Birthday Party [for Mikayla age 8]
SAMPLE Embroidery Party Invite - frontSAMPLE Embroidery Party Invite - inside
Mikayla 8th Birthday
A tea party was a nice idea, but what kind of traditional ladies craft would we make? How about learning embroidery!? It was a little challenging to help all the girls myself, but they really enjoyed it. You can find my Catholic Saint patterns on my Modest Mommies blog.
saint anne stitched


*Countdown to Disney World Adventure


Read all about how to make this fun poster to count down the days until your Disney Vacation. With each section completed, celebrate! We celebrated with cake, movies, character pancakes, and planning our pit stops and Disney World hotspots.

Countdown to Disney PartyCountdown to Disney Party
Countdown to Disney PartyCountdown to Disney Party

*Cars Birthday
Jonathans 2
When a boy likes cars as much as mine, you have to put time in the details. Since the Disney Cars 2 movie was coming to the theatre, we decided to give invitations as a VIP Pit Pass to join us for the movie and after party (pizza). My son hand delivered them himself. I had to do a little graphic design work to get the logo to have his name. The theme was another easy pick, and gift purchases were just as obvious!

Cars2 pit passInviting Papa to Jonathans Birthday

*Toys (Disney's Toy Story)
Stanleys 6th BirthdayStanleys 6th Birthday
Most of these decorations and coloring sheets I found at the party store and Gifts can include a new pack of crayons and a few green plastic army men.
Stanleys 6th Birthday
The main cake was a layered small cake, rounded edges, then frosted as a planet. The cupcake idea I found online, using Mentos mints for eyes, black gel for pupils and mouth, green gumdrops cut for ears, and green taffy shaped for the alien antenna. This was the best center piece!
Stanleys 6th BirthdayStanleys 6th Birthday
Games included pin the tail on "Bullseye" the horse and playtime in the sandbox.

*Space (Disney's Wall-E) [for Stanley Age 5]
Stanley 5th Birthday PartyStanley 5th Birthday PartyStanley 5th Birthday Party
Decorate tables in dark blue with star confetti. Consider a night time party. I framed some pictures from the movie. The cake was frosted blue, with some darker blue food coloring drops on top swirled in. I used marshmallow cereal with a outer space theme for sprinkles along with yellow sprinkles. The Coloring Book - print coloring pages from online and staple or bind groupings. I made a cover that said "So Many New Adventures Await You! Happy 5th Birthday Stanley!"
Stanley 5th Birthday PartyStanley 5th Birthday PartyStanley 5th Birthday Party
Wall-E and Eve Sandwiches were a simple PB & J cut into characters - recognizable for my kids :) They still ask for Walle Sandwiches!
Stanley 5th Birthday PartyStanley 5th Birthday Party
Wall-E glasses and game printables available online.
Stanley 5th Birthday PartyStanley 5th Birthday Party
Using window markers, I freehand drew him a birthday card on our Patio Door. It looked wonderful with the night sky behind it.

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