Holy Week Activities


PALM SUNDAY began our Holy Week full of hands on learning about the Paschal Mystery.
First we made this Palm Tree, by tracing all our hands and arranging them by size. The kids liked this activity we found on Shower of Roses, because everyone participated!

On HOLY THURSDAY, it seemed too ambitious to take the kids to ALL the Masses this weekend. So we spent the evening with a strong focus on what the Last Supper was like.


Tom read about the Last Supper in the Book of Luke. As Jesus spoke the words “Take this, all of you…” he would hold up the communion bread and grape juice and pass it around. All we had for supper was this recipe for Sweet Unleavened Bread, Grapes, Water and Grape Juice. The kids really responded attentively.

Our table was adorned with Holy Palms and our Easter Candle.
Make your Easter Candle with ideas from this link on Catholic Icing. ThankEvann.com had a wonderful printout that we wrapped around our 3-wick.

On GOOD FRIDAY, the children we asked to carry all day their wooden crosses, one last time. It was so sweet that they carried it the whole time during the Friday service, as many people watched. They held it with respect and focused more than ever before.
2010 03 11_Lent-Easter_0009

They also colored their free Holy Heroes printouts, which have been a joy to have during all Masses year round. They’re still focused on the Catholic Faith instead of Hello Kitty or Transformers. ;-) We also use Catholic color books that came with our Seton curriculum, found here.

HOLY SATURDAY we took those crosses that were worn and dirty, and decoupaged them into these beautiful rosary holders. The crosses I found at the craft store for around $1-2 each. Use ModgePodge or Elmers School Glue, tissue paper and a small metal screw-in hook. [All my original idea, I might add.]


Holy Saturday is the day Jesus was in the tomb. So we used this day to talk about the tomb. We made Resurrection Rolls which didn’t turn out well because I didn’t follow THIS RECIPE. Oh well, still tasted good. I wrapped Jumbo Marshmallows with Cinnamon Rolls.

000_0032 000_0034
As long as we were having fun with these Jumbo Campfire Marshmallows we found at Coborns grocery, we made some Chubby Bunnies, smores and ate a few Peeps. We did a science experiment to see what would happen if we Super-Nuked them in the Microwave! What fun!

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This was our unhealthy day, between all that sugar and Pizza Hut for supper with Tom’s parents. Lazy, I know.

We woke up and headed off to Easter Mass. Fr. Bob is one of our two priests we’ve been blessed with. He is fabulous, and always says “Oh YES, my dear people!” Usually in places where we’d say “um.” He seemed touched that we asked to have him in our photo.

When we got home, it was time to dye and hide the eggs! We used your standard kit, which got the job done but not as well as I’d like. We also had them open their Easter Baskets which were filled with Target’s dollar items which this year included Precious Moments books and puzzles, stickers, mini kites for this breezy spring day, and Coborn’s organic section had Annie’s bunny fruit snacks, which was the healthy treat. We later played a game of Elefun – catching butterflies – which was a real hoot!

 Product Image Elefun & Friends Elefun GameEaster

(oh what a mess!)
We certainly hope you
have a Blessed Easter!

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Our School's Prayer

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