Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Teaching Easter and Spring

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We’re preparing for Easter and Spring. The season and religious celebration got smooshed together at some point in time, so I wanted to talk to the kids tonight about the uniqueness of each, and what makes them blend so perfectly.

Many of us have heard that Spring is about new life, and that is just what Jesus gave us when he died on the cross and rose from the dead. He made all things new, and gave us hope of a new life with Him.

We used these foam bunnies, crosses and lilies along with cotton balls, jelly beans and puff paint to create a visual of the combination of Spring and Easter. They turned out quite well for an impromptu craft! (with a little help from mommy)


(Please note all the GREAT links are underlined!)
Start with the Rabbit
Add the Cross
and talk about Jesus’ Passion.
Add the Lilies
and read about His Resurrection!
Copyright, Answers in Genesis.Copyright, Answers in Genesis.
Copyright, Answers in Genesis.Copyright, Answers in Genesis.
After Eden by team member Answers in Genesis (artist: Dan Lietha)
Glue on a pink Jelly Bean nose
and discuss the sweetness of God’s Mercy.
Fluff 3 cotton balls,
and talk about how Jesus
opened the Gates of Heaven for us
so we can be with Him for all eternity!

100_0638  100_0640 

Have a Blessed Holy Week!

Holy Thursday – The Last Supper….
go to Mass and receive in remembrance!

Good Friday – Jesus Died on the Cross for YOU…
go to Mass, it’s the least you can do for Him
and the Best you can do for yourself!

Easter Sunday – victory over sin and death…
go to Mass and celebrate!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the combination of the bunnies with the crosses. You know, I really wanted to have a bunny post of some kind this year, and I didn't find any religious bunny stuff at all! So I ran the jelly beans in stead. lol! So glad you shared this. I'm saving the link. These came out really cute! :-)


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