Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Crosses We Bear

20 days of Lent remain. It has certainly been a walk up Calvary Hill. This morning I was awoken by thunder as rain washed away all the dirty snow outside. There was a certain gloom in those grey skies, and I just knew I’d have one of “those days.”…And this too shall pass.

2010 03 11_Lent-Easter_0005

Our Sacrifice Bean jar has found a new spot near our crucifix. We “go to the foot of the cross” literally to offer our sacrifices/good deeds. It’s not full by any means, but we’re working on it.

2010 03 11_Lent-Easter_0004

Last night we prayed The Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary, which my 2 and almost 6 year old are trying to grasp. But they still did it willingly, and a shorter version of 1 Hail Mary per decade. Because of their questions about Jesus’ cross, today I bought each of the kids a wooden cross for them to carry. In the past we’ve done this with a popsicle stick cross, but this seemed more hefty and significant.

2010 03 11_Lent-Easter_00032010 03 11_Lent-Easter_0009

They are about $1.50 each at Crafts Direct. What the children are asked to do is carry this cross with them for the remainder of Lent. At times it will be hard or bothersome. It may get worn, dented, scratched or colored on. And when I ask them to do something, they take their “cross” with them and offer it up. When they are wondering if they should do something questionable, such as watch a tv program, they need to ask themselves - “Would Jesus want to do this with me?” If the answer is no, then stop.

At Easter, we will take a good look at our crosses and talk about it. Then we will grab bright paints, painting our crosses to look bright and new as Jesus’ body on Easter morning when he rose from the dead. I plan to attach hooks near the bottom so we can use these as rosary hangers in our Sitting Room.

2010 03 11_Lent-Easter_0008

In our Kitchen, where we spend a lot of time, I made a simple cross on our bifold doors. On the cross is a Lenten Calendar (similar to this one and this one) our church gave us with daily suggestions of things we can do to bring us closer to God through our community. The words written on the cross are the sinful acts we are trying hard not to commit, but have in the past. Hanging there for everyone to see. Again, we put them at the foot of the cross and ask forgiveness. Then, on Easter Morning we will cover each sin with a bright heart and written on the heart is the good act we will now do, or the grace received after reconciliation.

2010 03 11_Lent-Easter_0001
This is our new prayer center, where we can stop and reflect in prayer. While at the craft store looking for an Easter tree, I came upon this beautiful display. I decided to make my own prelit Easter Tree! It’s comprised of a prelit white tree, silk flower petals fitted over each light, put in a vase filled with glittery eggs and wooden crosses. On the jar is a vinyl word “Easter.” This jar would also do good filled with Jelly Beans! But we all know Sabrina could never keep her hands off those. Overall cost is around $35? I may add some ribbon bows and ornaments later.

2010 03 11_Lent-Easter_0002

Some meditational songs of the season….

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