Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Sucker for Sunsets

Summer is such a beautiful time, and the sunsets in our neighborhood put you in awe of God’s handiwork. While the kids like the afternoon shade in the back by the swingset, the dancing pine trees, and room to roam…

A swingin’ good time:
Swingin good time

We REALLY enjoy an evening on the front porch, riding bikes, looking up at the starts, and watching sunsets like these:

Sunset rainbow
Sunset rainbow
Sunset rainbow Sunset rainbow
Sunset rainbow 
It wasn’t until afterwards I found a setting on my camera just for sunsets!

A glimpse of Heaven:
Sunset rainbow

In Aug 2008:


Coming to a sky near you!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Half the summer is over, and I’ve not had the chance to write what we’ve been up to! Here’s the fastest summary:


We started the summer with a vacation to Florida, which was such a blast. There are too many good pics to post, so here’s a few…


Family Car

Florida Vacation Florida Vacation


When we got home, it was the week of VBS – Catholic Day Camp. I helped Jamie in the Preschool room! (That old corn crib in the pic). It was such a fun and inspiring week for everyone.




Stanley had his 6th Birthday party – the big one with all his friends – and he chose a Toy Story theme. I had a lot of fun with that! There is so much online and in stores for this. Even the decorations were in 3D with some special glasses. [PS- The movie was awesome]





100_1739 100_1740 100_1741 


Later, I took on a bunch of big projects. Refinishing furniture, organizing 7000 slides for Camp Courage, making a barbie doll house, finding desks and cabinets for the office and garage or to sell, making benches and beds…


Furniture ProjectsFurniture Projects 

(this dresser is for sale with a headboard)


Sorting Camp Courage slides Sorting Camp Courage slides

and decorating cakes is just one of my new hobbies…

Golf Cupcakes100_1048


I have so much left to do, including creating our home school group’s yearbook, I don’t know where to start. … So we took a few breaks.


100_1649 100_1657 

 Independence Day 2010Independence Day 2010

Independence Day 2010 - Jonathan Bubbles

Independence Day 2010 

Independence Day: My Grandma Doris and Great Aunt Lorraine are still so youthful in their eighties. My Grandpa Orlin played horseshoes, and my Dad joined in the games of softball and horseshoes. My mom was right in the middle of it all playing with the kids and keeping the conversations going. Our family had a blast, and are excited for next year!


Jonathan is still my little guy, but he turns ONE tomorrow! I can’t believe it. He’s a terrific crawler, pulling up an everyone and anything. He’ll be walking soon enough. He loves playing in the water, the sandbox or in his play yard. He often falls asleep in the swing or Daddy’s arms. And he loves to babble, especially saying What’s That? but it sounds like “put-tat” with his little finger pointing. It melts Mommy’s heart.


Sandbox time

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Jonathan standing in kitchen Swingin good time


And of course one of the most exciting things for our family is the engagement of my sister, Annaleah, to her best friend, Bobby. We are simply thrilled for them. They are so much in love, and have been a couple for over 3 years. We feel Bobby is already a part of our family, and he’s certainly a keeper!


Independence Day 2010

Congrats Annie & Bobby!


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