Saturday, October 27, 2012

Our Little Pumpkins

Pumpkin Patch Kids

Our kids love autumn as much as we do. The cold air, and even a day of snowflakes, has already made its way into Minnesota, so we know it's not here for much longer. Today, we got a surprise visit from my parents who brought pumpkins from my aunt and uncle's farm. So we spent some special time together, carving pumpkins for the family carving contest! This is a great way to stay in the autumn mood.

Pumpkins with Papa and Grandma

The carvings are inspirations from many websites. I personally enjoyed the Saint-O-Lantern's shared at Shower of Roses' blog, a great place for Catholic carving ideas. I took the templates my kids liked the best and hand drew them to fit each pumpkin before carving. It was so nice in the evening sunlight, which shown through our pumpkins like candlelight.

Pumpkins with Papa and Grandma

We're amazed how something like this

Pumpkins with Papa and Grandma

Turns into this, when the lights go out!

Pumpkins with Papa and Grandma

Pumpkins with Papa and Grandma

Would you believe we had a hard time getting THE BOYS to touch the pumpkin guts. But Papa was very eager to dig in, and helped bake 3 trays full of pumpkin seeds! (Thanks Dad, grandma would be proud.) He grabbed his galaxy tablet and looked up the recipe, and Grandma used it to admire other pumpkins online with the kids. I'm sure she has a handful of great pictures from our time together too. It made for such a fun day, and we hope it becomes a new family tradition as our kids and their cousins grow!

Pumpkins with Papa and Grandma


Pumpkins with Papa and Grandma

God Bless the USA by Tom & Melissa


Pumpkins with Papa and GrandmaPumpkins with Papa and Grandma

Hero up Iron Man by Jonathan who considers himself a super hero.


Pumpkins with Papa and Grandma

Snow White by Mikayla who's new fav TV show is "Once Upon A Time."


Pumpkins with Papa and Grandma

Pinky Pie - My Little Pony by Sabrina who's as perky as Pinky


Pumpkins with Papa and Grandma

Wall-E by Stanley who's trying to master the Wall-E Wii game


THANKS Tom & Vickie for the pumpkins!


Also - the other half of our front steps hosts another family of pumpkins we bought from the Knights of Columbus. We used foam face stickers, which was just as fun to create!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Leaf the books inside

   Homeschooling is about student-centered learning, where the child is given a range of experiences and curriculum to custom fit their personal learning style and interests. We have a very excellent selection of educational books and workbooks. Yet most days when we feel like "we learned something" it's not by a traditional means.

   While we do our math and language arts at the table, our best learning is in everyday things. Things like just being a kid raking up and playing in a pile of leaves, visiting friends at the park, or having a campfire. We learn about positive relationships, God's amazing creation, using our imagination, storytelling, role playing, the seasons, outdoor survival, and we get exercise.


The books are shelved while we take in some fall experiences!

Huge Leafpile

Huge Leafpile Huge Leafpile

Huge Leafpile


   On the road, we stop at grocery and retails stores, restaurants, and other public places. We learn about needs vs wants, budgeting, tallying, self-control, size, ripening, quality, respect for others, the food pyramid and healthy eating, tabloid gossip vs real news, among other things.

   We turn on the TV or pick up a book and we learn about history, government, science, careers, and even fairy tales. Each experience triggers questions, excitement, and an eagerness to learn more.

   If you are considering homeschooling, or are wondering what it's all about… I hope these posts are giving you the glimpse you needed into the life of a homeschool family. At the end of the day, we as parents should evaluate our success not by the number of pages completed, but by the joy in our children's eyes and the life lessons they learned. Are they becoming good citizens, faithful Christians, and are they still excited to learn?


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