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Forever Tree for The Holy Spirit

The week of Pentecost we'll need a fun lesson to add to Our Forever Tree to learn about what all that fire above the Apostles was about. Use these activities to enrich your learning about the Holy Spirit! Print and cut around each image. You can pin to a bulletin board, hand on your wall tree, hang from a chandelier, or stick on the fridge.
*New project! More pictures after we've hung them up!*

The 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Piety, Fear of God, Knowledge, Fortitude
Forever Tree Holy Spirit Gifts
- We will be punching a hole at the top and hanging these from our chandelier with red-yel-org curling ribbon. The older kids will be writing the definition of each on the backside. These words sure make a good spelling list!
- definition @

The 12 Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Peace, Goodness, Self Control, Generosity, Kindness, Joy, Modesty, Chastity, Faithfulness, Patience, Gentleness, Charity
Forever Tree Holy Spirit Fruits of Spirit
- My idea with this is to either print and hang,  or print two to a page and make several copies. When a child exhibits one of these fruits, they can hang it up! These will look so cute on Our Forever Tree.
- You might buy plastic fruit or make some out of clay and write the words on them and place them in a basket.

Buckets of Grace & Deadly Sins vs. Virtue

Add several rain drops on your tree/wall using either the printout, or paper cutouts. Each drop can have a name of a virtue or saintly action. When the child performs this action/virtue, remove it and put into a bucket. When it is full, offer them a special treat.

Using the 7 Deadly Sins clouds and Virtue suns, you can show how God's Light (the sun/virtue) can block out the darkeness (clouds/sin). But also, by allowing sin you cover up those opporunities for grace (sun/virtue). 

9 Spiritual Gifts - Charismata - Charismatic Graces
Forever Tree Holy Spirit spiritual gifts

- 1 Corinthians 12-14 "So with yourselves; since you are eager for spiritual gifts, strive to excel in them for building up the church."

These gifts or graces do not sanctify the individual, rather build up the church and help reach out to others. These gifts are often in need of discernment including having a Spiritual Director. But we can also look to these gifts for inspiration of which direction we would like to take our lives. Below are ways anyone can seek/use these gifts. Write some of your ideas on the back of these reminder cards (above).

The word of wisdom - First strive to think before you act or speak. Much wisdom comes from growing from past mistakes. Share your talents in your church.
The word of knowledge - Take time to read, pray and experience God's word in your life. It's not about being smarter, its about being a good student.
The gift of Faith - Faith is not just a belief or knowing, it's a complete trust in what you believe. Surrender to it.
The grace of healing - Wounds come in all shapes and sizes. Start by healing relationships. You can also take time to visit the sick and open your eyes to those wounded around you. Share God's love with them.
The working of miracles - Many times we miss a miracle happening in our lives. Read about the Miracles Jesus performed. Open your eyes and see the good in each day. Life is a miracle. Pray for respect for all life.
The gift of Prophecy - Many people gossip and speculate, so lets try to be a person who doesn't lie, falsely accuse or stereotype. However the Good News is always true and ready at hand in the Bible! Testify with your words and actions.
The discerning of spirits - There are spirits that are demonic, angelic and human. Start by focusing on the human spirit. Remove all temptation of deadly sin (pride, gluttony, sloth, etc). Pray to your guardian angel for protection and the Holy Spirit for guidance.
Diverse kinds of tongues - I have had the grace of speaking in tongues, praying in an angelic language. Most cannot, so start with speaking to God in prayer your own way. Traditional prayers are helpful, but try spontaneous prayer on your own, as well as with family and friends. Adoration is a favorite place to pray to God.
Interpretation of speeches - Some can understand the angelic language. Perhaps you're learning a new language such as Latin, Spanish, or sign language. Slow down and take time to understand others needs so you can be Christ to them. What is my friend, child or parent really saying to me with their words or actions?

- New Advent: Spiritual Gifts, Wikipedia: Spiritual Gifts
- Children Using Spiritual Gifts guide
- What is the Charismatic Renewal?

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