Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Our 11th Year of Homeschooling

It's our ELEVENTH year of home educating our children! This year is off to a good start. We have a new plan, new planners, and some new books/curriculum. I have high hopes that this will be our best year! We have just about everyone sitting at the table with us this year. I'm teaching Grades 9, 6, 3, 2, K and PreK. 

This is our newly revised family prayer that is on the front of their individual planners. We grab those first thing and start our day with prayer!

Keep watch for details on
about the Printable "Relaxed Home Education Planner" for teachers and students.

Here's our curriculum not including our library of reading books and other learning activities. Hopefully a glance will show you why I'm so excited! We've never used Teaching Textbooks CD-roms and the kids are devouring it with such joy. I've never had kids watch other kids do math and have it be the first thing they ask to do in the morning. All the newness of high school learning is so far enjoyable, adding in group activities. Then we have the good ol' books we use every year. My other favorite addition is having my high schooler create once a month preschool classes and lead busy activities for the little kids.

GRADE 9 (M.A.)
Language: Jensen's Grammar DVD/Bk, Wordly Wise 6, Marie's Words
Social: Declaration Statesmanship, World Religions CLEP, Child Development
Math: Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1  (Backup: Life of Fred Beginning Algebra)
Faith: Chosen & Alteration through our parish faith formation
Art: Artistic Pursuits High School Bk1, Sewing
Music: Music Theory, Teen Choir at church
Science: Apologia Physical Science, Nature Center classes
Geography: Get Mapmaking, The Ultimate Geography & Timeline Guide
Health: Wellness Warriors weekly class/bible study/book club (The Dirt Cure & The Rhythm of Life)

GRADE 6 (S.T.)
Language: Language of God E, My Catholic Speller E, Writing Our Catholic Faith 6, Wordly Wise 3
Social: Our Catholic Legacy vol1
Math: Teaching Textbooks Math 6
Faith: Encounter Bible Study & Faith and Life 6 through parish faith formation
Art: Artistic Pursuits Middle School bk2
Music: Music Theory
Science: Behold and See 6, Nature Center classes
Geography: Map Skills F
Health: Various Activities
Other: Pilgrims of the Holy Family

GRADE 3 (S.R.)
Language: Language of God B, Writing Our Catholic Faith 3, Mad Libs
Social: The Catholic Faith Come to America, Tea & Cake with the Saints
Math: Teaching Textbooks Math 3, Prodigy Game, apps and board games (backup: Life of Fred math)
Faith: Faith and Life 3 through our parish faith formation
Art: How to Draw books (Catholic), Sewing with Saint Anne
Music: Piano Lessons (Alfred's All-In-One Sacred Piano & Basics)
Science: Behold and See 3, Nature Center classes
Geography: Map Skills C
Health: Various Activities

GRADE 2 (J.B.)
Language: Voyages in English 2, Writing Our Catholic Faith 2MC
Social: Great Saints in World History
Math: Singapore Primary Mathematics 2A&2B Textbooks US Ed (and Life of Fred math), Prodigy Game, math apps, dot-to-dots
Faith: Faith and Life 2 and 1st Rec/Comm Prep through parish faith formation
Art: Art 2 for Young Catholics
Music: Piano Lessons (Alfred's All-In-One Sacred Piano & Basics)
Science: Behold and See 2, Science 2 for Little Folks, Nature Center classes
Geography: Map Skills B
Health: Various Activities

Pinterest - lots of Pinterest!
9th Grader lead Child Development Classes
Language: Little Stories for Little Folks readersEarly Literacy for Young CatholicsCatholic Icing Preschool, Writing Our Catholic Faith: Writing Readiness PreK, Basic Strokes & Letter Forms, Coloring Book
Math: Star Wars Math, Dot-to-Dots
Social: Lift the Flap General Knowledge
Science: Brainfood Doodle Mats, Nature Center classes
Faith: Catechesis of The Good Shepherd through parish faith formation
Music: Piano Lessons (Alfred's All-In-One Sacred Piano & Basics), basic instruments
Health: Various Activities

You can follow our everyday moments, activity ideas and more on:

God bless you in your family's faith and education endeavors.
 - St Brigid's Academy


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