Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's all the stink about?

Everyone Poops. Did you know that is a real book? You might have seen it featured in the movie "Dan in Real Life." I have never liked the idea of poop. (Can you see where this is leading?) I never liked using the pooper-scooper to pick up the doggie do-do. Or cleaning it off the carpet while training the puppies we've had growing up. I freaked out when my baby sister had poop all over herself, the crib, and everywhere it shouldn't be, and I was alone to clean it up. (Sorry if that embarrases you, more than it does me - Annie.) It was just nasty to change a neighbor kids' diaper when babysitting. After 10 years personal experience, I couldn't imagine changing my own kids' unmentionables with a smile on my face.

Well, I've made it these almost 7 years since with my own children, many times due to my husband's gullible response to take care of it. "After all honey," I would say, "you did grow up on a farm - so you can handle the smell better than me." My pregnant nose picks up that smell from rooms away, and I cringe at the thought of changing yet another diaper and many more to come.

Well, Tom's not here tonight, and I don't think he'd give in this time. Tonight, I quickly went through the motions to get Sabrina all fixed up so we could play a nice game of Wii Sports before bedtime. She had those pebbles that just fall neatly into the diaper with little to do on my part. But the stench still seemed to fill the air. That's when it happened... Stanley had carried a load of his own into my breathing space. Mr Potty Trained months ago let one slip...again.

Am I the only one who freaks out at this? I know I shouldn't get mad at him, but it's been a long 2 years of potty training, and I just want to be done. I got another to train in a year, and more diapers coming in July. Now with my superior senses feeling overcome with rottenness, I literally freak out. Yes, Stanley got some yelling and "dirty" looks. And to add to the comotion, I get a phone call at THAT exact moment. I was waiting for the call, but when I pick up the phone - something always goes wrong. I kept the "look" but did my best to maintain a calm tone.

Moments later I finally get to the good part, where I have to scrape the "crap" off. Last resort is the bath tub and buckets of water. And oh my gosh - you gotta be kidding me! I have to touch it? I have to scrub with my bare hands those darkened underwear. I wish I wasn't so spending concious, I'd toss those buggers right into the trash bag like my old neighbor used to do. She wasn't too keen on washing them either. But hey, underwear are expensive, and chances are he'll do it again. Right?

So here I type with my sanitized, yet still stinky fingers. Hoping I am not the only one who reacts this way. You know, completely disgusted, and wondering why children don't naturally learn it on their own at age 3. I hope that in a few days I can read this again and have a good laugh. Maybe?

All I can say now is....
EW! Where's the Febreeze
and can I spray it on myself?

This Miracle of Life Inside of Me

After 6 pregnancies, videos and images like these still amaze me. I hope you have a short moment to take a peek at the miracle of life - and pass it on to your friends and family.

We acknowledged the life of our newest baby at the moment of conception. I just had that feeling I got all 6 times. I was able to follow along with the growth charts online to see how he/she is growing, before I even got a positive pregnancy test. Most women don't even realize they're pregnant until their child looks more like a "baby," even though I could realize the beauty and humanity of my child when it was just a blob-like embryo. He or she already had a soul and a place in the Book of Life. Each one of those frozen embryos in the stem cell research facilities has a soul and the right to life, as well as unalienable human rights as listed in our constitution.

So here I am, watching this beautiful video among others, and wondering what the heck are our government leaders thinking? While my already jumbo bra underwire snaps and pinches my bossom, I prick myself 11 times a day with Gestational Diabetes, and I get kicked around on a regular basis by this little baby inside me, I still can't imagine giving him up to abortion for personal comfort. I am never ready for another child, but each one is a gift given to me in God's own time and understanding of this child's purpose. How can anyone reject a gift from God, unless they didn't know that's what it was?

God Bless you and yours!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Still waddling around

Hi everyone,

I haven't been on here much, so I thought I'd touch base. There has been a lot going on, including the move of our office from one room to another. So I'm not set up to post ultrasound pics, and I have near zero time to read blogs. Here's simply a small tidbit of what's on my mind lately.

Luckily I was able to read my good and pregnant friend Jamie's blog to find out that she broke her ankle, badly. She'll be off her feet for about 6 weeks. So our Catholic Women's Book Club is having a planning session at my house this Thursday night (7pm) to see what we can do to help her out. If you would like to lend a hand to Jamie and are in the area, you are more than welcome to join us. Just email me and I'll get you the directions. For the rest of you - PLEASE PRAY FOR JAMIE.

I personally am a little broken too, as I am off the charts hormonally lately. Of course, the general society would say - "of course you are... you have 3 children under the age of 6 and one on the way. AND you stay at home. Are you sure you're okay?" Around here, or amongst fellow homeschoolers, that's a starter family. Because I already have issues with depression, I'm fighting the tears and loss of temper more often than usual. Tom's hours have changed, which have really offset our lifestyle, and about the time we get adjusted the job will be over and a new one will start. A carpenter's wife life is so out of sorts. I'm starting to wonder if the farm life we could have chosen would have been a better fit?? But I suck it up, pray hard and move forward. Just in littler steps. But I'll make it.

Well, to ease the tension, we got a Wii game system with the Wii Fit board. I've done very well in the hula-hoop, table tilt, ski jump and yoga sessions. Baby gets really shaken up! It says I'm pretty well balanced, which is odd for an overweight pregnant woman like myself. I just wish it had the excuse for weight gain as "I'm Pregnant." If I can recommend anything to your family in place of an unaffordable vacation like we had hoped for - this is an awesome replacement! But I still am craving those white sandy beaches and 80* kiss of the sun.

It's a good thing I've gotten active again, because I finally got the doctors to realize I wasn't kidding when I said I most likely have Gestational Diabetes again. They thought the symptoms were just from being pregnant with a gazillion kids at home. So my insulin injections are finally balancing out my crummy feelings of being overtired and more. My whole family is on a sugar free diet, more so than before. And since I got pregnant, I have lost 10 pounds and gained none. Yep - I'm almost 22 weeks (5 months) and only a weight loss. But you'd never know it looking at me in my maternity clothes. They're still filling in!

I can't tell you how excited I am that it is finally spring! And now it actually looks like it with all the rain and no snow. Spring time is about new babies and fresh starts with Easter just weeks away. Amidst all the hustle, we were so excited to see our baby again at the 20 week ultrasound. Many of you have been following our naming challenges. But wouldn't you know, this little bugger wants to keep his or her privates... private. Yep, that umbilical cord stretched right between those tightly squeezed knobby knees. Agh! So since I have always felt this was a boy, he will be one until someone tells me different. We're hoping the next ultrasound at 32 weeks will give us a better view and we can settle the name game at last.

There is certainly no lacking of activity in this household. Mikayla has been getting booksmart and preparing for her 1st Grade 3rd Qtr test next Tuesday. If she's not doing school, she's playing the Wii or with her siblings. Stanley is 4 1/2 and improving his skills at his own pace. He's not the most disciplined of the three, but we're working on it. I am enjoying him wanting to learn more what his big sister's into, while she wants to get involved in teaching him. Princess Sabrina is 18 months old and quite the talker. We can only understand about 20 words of it, but a kiss and hug seems to answer most of her inquiries. She's our cuddle bug who just the other day decided that I AM "Mama" but that was short lived because she decided that it would be just as exciting to say everyone elses name too. Don't get me wrong, she's still aproching those fiesty two's, and getting her to sit still has time limits. So we're taking a lot of time just enjoying those little moments - gasp - even if the camera isn't charged up.

I hope to get all the wires connected soon so I can send you some of our children's smiles. We're finally caught up on school so I can dabble in some much needed scrapbooking - after all, I do have around 30 albums to complete! Mostly because all my scrapbooking supplies DO NOT fit in our new office/school room. Maybe I can bribe my mom and sister to come help me put a few together before baby comes. :-( Once everything feels back on track, I'll be sure to visit your blogs more often and maybe even set up some spring/summer outings for some play time.

God Bless you and yours!
& family

Monday, March 2, 2009

Family Name or Another Name?

What's in a name? Regardless of what you pick, they become that name. When you hold them in your arms for the first time, you say his or her name over and over again. But never sure if you say it for them or to convince yourself... this is YOUR baby! What a wonderful moment.

Can you believe that we have only 1 1/2 weeks until we find out if our baby is a boy or a girl!? The unbelievable part is that we cannot decide on the names. Thank you to all who voted on my blog page, and it's been helpful. But in the meantime we've re-added some names to the table, to make it more challenging of course. I know - I know, what's all the fuss about?

When we named Mikayla Anna, I had dibs on the name choice - because I'm giving birth. So when Stanley Thomas came along, I let Tom pick the name and he was set on his grandpa's name and his own name. Our miscarried babies were named after the saints we were praying devotedly to at the time. They were Joseph then Mary. Stanley's girl name choice was Sabrina Rose, so when we had a girl, it was already chosen.

If Sabrina had been a boy, I had convinced everyone of Easton Patrick, but with this pregnancy - somehow it just didn't seem right. So we've come up with these names which you can vote on by clicking HERE.

We are a Catholic, caucasian, mostly german family with a polish last name. Our other children are Mikayla, Stanley, Joseph, Mary, Sabrina. That has an unintentional pattern of MSJMS - so would a "J" name automatically be the winner? And I don't like names that heed nicknames.

Which direction would you take?
Stephen Matthew
(for my dad's patron saint of Deacons & my brother's middle name)
Jonathan Bryce
(a combo of our fav names John & Nathan, & after my dad Bruce)
David Orlando
(a strong name & after my grandpas Orlin & Leonard)
Benjamin Luke
(just a good name, with a hint of Pope Ben in there!)

In this case, I would be okay if they were called Steve, Jon, David or Ben. Nothing else.
Molly still needs a middle name??
(after Mother Teresa, a woman I will always admire)
(my mother, the woman who's always been there for me)
(my grandma used to call me Lady Jane, I hated it, but this just sounds too cute)
(after my grandmothers Doris Violet and Ludmilla Viola)

So feel free to click here to vote on Baby Center, or post a comment on this blog post.

God Bless you and yours!


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