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Catholic Preschooling QRSTUV

Sabrinas Catholic ABCs
Again, following Catholic Icing's Catholic ABCs Preschool lessons, we have made some wonderful crafts we'd like to share. We have also added a few of our own ideas and project tweaks! Click on the underlined links for more directions and ideas!
>123 and A-Krafts
>Q-V Below (click on most words for a link to a project or info)

Q is for Queen
Mary is the Queen of Heaven. May is the month in which we honor Mary with prayer, petitions and a May Crowning. This project uses washable paint and children's feet and fingers! The kids loved dipping their toes into the gooey paint, then carried off to the kitchen sink! I think I'll cherish these footprints for a long time.
Sabrinas Catholic ABCs

R is for Rosary, Repent, Risen/Resurrection
Mary gave us the rosary as a means to meditate upon the life of Jesus through prayer. We made rosaries as I wrote about in my Honoring Mary in May post. We are also making a Rosary Book as seen at this link. Here is a link to a printable rosary prayers sheet I made.
We used paper strips for the tabs, labeling each with a symbol to match the mystery. Joyful=a smile, Luminous=a candle, Sorrowful-a tear, and Glorious=a sunshine. Tabs are used to pull out the picture sheets from the pockets.
R is for Rosary BookR is for Rosary BookR is for Rosary BookR is for Rosary Book
R is for Rosary BookR is for Rosary BookR is for Rosary BookR is for Rosary Book
R is for Rosary Book
We found an image online that had the mystery images that print the right size for this project. It was found at, but you can Google image search "rosary mysteries" for a wide variety and print them free for personal use - or purchase the poster/stickers.
Rosary Mysteries Images

S is for Saints, Soul, Sacraments, Shell (used in Baptism)
For our Garden of Saints, I found some very cute saints images over at! Click on the banner below to see a page full of his delightful characters. He has several files you can purchase and use in your projects.   I copy and pasted some of the images I bought onto a page and sized to print for my kids to cut for their project.
Happy Saints

T is for Trinity (as made on St. Patrick's Day), Tabernacle, Tomb, Totus Tuus
 Sabrinas Catholic ABCs
You can make a tabernacle, buy using a box, covered in gold foil/paper or a gold Coke 24-pack box. Then cut from another piece of cardboard the images such as wheat, grapes and the chalice & host. Use items such as toothpicks and beads or sequins for other raised surface details. Cover in glue then silver (aluminum) foil, rubbing with your finger to get the edge details. Glue onto the box, (one is made to be the door).  Go see the one in your church for ideas.
1T is for Tabernacle2T is for Tabernacle
3T is for Tabernacle
Eucharistic Symbols include the chalice and host, or wheat and grapes

The chi rho is one of the earliest Christian symbols. It consists of the first two letters of Christ in Greek (XP) superimposed on one another. It is depicted in a variety of ways, and sometimes combined with the alpha and omega and other Christian symbols.

Latin: Iesus Hominum Salvator which translates as Jesus, Savior of man[Meaning of IHS]

U is for Unity, Unleavened Bread (made on Holy Thursday), Upper Room
For Unity, we tried these colored sand bottles. Not sure how I feel about sand, maybe out on the deck? Otherwise we'll be having plenty of discussions on Unity as my sister gets married this summer! Found them at JoAnn's craft store in their kid crafts.
Unity Craft
[eUcharist - excellent Jesus in the Eucharist craft idea here!]

V is for Virgin Mary
Sabrinas V is for Virgin Mary
This project is so simple, and made with a foam door hanger for quick display. We glued on Mary, added star stickers for her crown, and fake flowers below. Of course, don't forget her title! "Blessed Virgin Mary." We are using this image that I found online at The Catholic Illustrator's Guild blog by C. Lewis, as well as this beautiful image of the Blessed Virgin Mary as a young girl.
hailmary-smallpax blog and PresentationMaryGr
>>My Mary Statue to print and color (and another: A Mary & Jesus Paper Statue )

V is for Vatican!
V is for Vatican
I got on a creative mood and put together this file folder version of the Vatican. Extra cardstock adds the dome, bright colors for windows and doors, then a cardboard tube for a pillar which is lacking and will get a makeover soon I'm sure! Of course nothing beats the real thing…
Print and cut out a picture of the pope to put in the window! You can chose any image of the current pope [Pope Benedict XVI] or print the image below taken from the free graphics of Phillip Martin. I somehow folded up this paper hat, a papal miter for the kids to wear also! We can take their Little People into St. Peter's Square to see the Pope at the Vatican!
bible_popePope Hat
Vatican Stickers
[To teach Vatican, include projects about the Pope]

V is also for Vine, Virtues, Vessel, and Vocations
[My blog about Virtue, with books/dvd suggestions for kids]

Catholic ABC's by Lacy @ Catholic Icing
 Catholic IcingCatholic Icing: Liturgical Year Ideas
Christian Preschool Printables: Bible ABCs
Christian Character ABCs
Christian Symbols A-Z
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Edible Mud

We are learning about spring, gardening, worms and all things dirty. Because I'm not inclined to play with real worms, as my kids are… I found this recipe amongst my "thing to make" pile of papers. There was no measurements and nothing online like it. So the kids and I did a test run! Not only was it fun and interesting to make - but they tasted delicious! Here's the recipe for you. The printable recipe has pictures of the ingredients so little ones can follow along.

*Another version you may be familiar with is Dirt Cups - which is a pudding dessert, not a cookie like this.
*NOTE: This can be poured into bowls and eaten with a spoon while still slimy!

All the mud you can eat! (Makes 13 mud puddles)
You will need: Mud Pie Cookies Recipe Printout
a Medium Bowl
a Spoon or Spatula
2 cups Chocolate Chips
1/4 c. Vegetable Shortening
1 Freezer Bag
2 c. Pretzels
2 c. Trail Mix (nuts & raisins)
Gummy Worms
Green Sprinkles (grass like)
Waxed Paper
Large Cookie Sheet

1. Pour chocolate and shortening into the bowl. Melt this “Mud” in a microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds.
2. Stir with a spatula or a spoon.
3. Place the pretzels in the bag. Crunch the pretzels into small pieces with your hands.
4. Stir the crushed pretzels and trail mix into the mud.
5. Cover the cookie sheet with wax paper. Use the spoon to drop piles of mud onto the wax paper. *NOTE: This can be poured into bowls and eaten with a spoon while still slimy!
6. Add the gummy worms with some mud and sprinkles on top. Refrigerate until firm, about 1 hour.
7. Eat 'em up! They're delicious!

How is your edible mud like real mud?
Tell or Write about it!

Friday, May 6, 2011

St. Paul Cathedral - National Shrine

My little brother is official enlisted in the Army of Christ. He received the Sacrament of Confirmation recently, and we are so proud of him! It's a bummer that he wasn't feeling his best on his big day, so I didn't catch a picture of him all spiffed up (I know Mom did).


The Mass was at the Cathedral of St. Paul in St. Paul, MN. It is a National Shrine. The same place my sister was confirmed. The same place my dad was ordained a Deacon. The same place I went when in college and had my "calling from God" to return home to work with the youth. An amazing, spirit filled place.

Photo taken by Teresa Boardman

It's a beautiful place, and if you are ever in Minnesota - be sure to check it out. Here are a few snapshots I took to show you. Of course the pictures on their website are much clearer, vivid colors. The website has a 360 Degree Spherical Panorama you gotta peek at!

100_3812Looking up you see the dome interior with the names of the levels of angels/heaven.



Left and Right are beautiful stained glass windows, paintings and intricately detailed architecture. The columns and choir loft also have a spectacular way of showing their grandeur.


And finally, the best part - the High Altar!


Here's Jonathan hanging on to Grandma as tight as can be, as that is all he wanted. And my kids who behaved rather well… lots to look at!


Followed by a good time at the pizza party celebration!

100_3831100_3832100_3834 I'm behind the camera as usual.

It's all just down the street from the Governor's mansion, the Capital Building (a mile away) and a few blocks from where I used to live when at the College of Visual Arts. A lovely place to visit or live. Here's a wonderful picture I found of my apt building there.


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