Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Festival of Nations: Brazil

Brazil at NWMH Festival of Nations
Our local homeschool group had their first Festival of Nations in March 2013.  It was a hit with my kids and 15-20 other families. I highly recommend it for other groups, or families who like the idea of focusing on one area and really diving deep into the culture, geography and history. 

How did we choose our country? We narrowed it down to a movie we'd been watching, "Rio," and wanted to learn more about the rainforest that was featured. No matter what country you pick, it's going to be a hit when you make it a part of your regular lessons. Take clues from your kids and their interests. It could be a movie they saw, a game they played, a friend they met, something on the news - something that sparked their interest in the culture of an unfamiliar place.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Prioritizing Holy Week

It has been a long winter which certainly helps you focus on the sacrifices and merits of Lent. I have learned most about patience and prioritizing. Not to say I've been good at it, but I'm getting better at it!

As life gets busier and our children grow fond of many activities that take us away from the comfort of our home, we need to rethink what is really possible to achieve. My Pinterest board is full of great ideas, but what can we really accomplish - and what is just not necessary no matter how cool it is. That moment of realization when you tell yourself, "I know I can make that, but will I really? Should I just buy it from someone who did, or forget about it instead?

People are always saying "You sure got your hands full." "I don't know how you do it." and "You are so creative." Well, it all comes with sacrifice and grace. I know how I do it - only with God's Grace. I definately have a creative ability, as shown by my stocked craft room and simple home business. And because God gave me 5 beautiful children and a hard working husband, my arms are full of love. Yes, it all comes with chaos and craziness - but it's worth it! It's a gift not a burden.

So this Holy Week we're making our family lessons about our faith a priority over any other business that comes our way. We're also going to focus on simplicity. There may not be as many pictures taken. We may not do all the crafting we wanted to do. We may stay home most of the time. Yet, we will MAKE TIME to know, love and serve God.

Click here to go over to my Homegrown Catholics' Holy Week Activities list!

God bless your family this Holy Week!


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