Monday, May 24, 2010

MAY-be a few pictures of us…

Our 8th Anniversary was in April, but finally here is the picture of us at our gourmet dinner experience – Old Country Buffet. That’s where you find the most romantic and pleasurable anniversary celebration with your whole family. No complaints, No dishes.

8th Anniversary Tom-Melissa Michalek


Since the sun started shining we’ve been making more trips to the family farm. There is so much to discover and rediscover there.

 Michalek Farm

p_00065 p_00066

p_00067 p_00068



 p_00071   p_00074

Is there an amusement park ride that can top a bobcat or tractor?




Michalek Farm Michalek Farm

My MIL’s beautiful garden. She deserves this spot.

Michalek Farm


A beautiful flower in my garden I wanted to share with you…



Mothers Day Celebrations


Mothers Day 

Mothers DayMothers Day 

Jonathan is moving around to join us wherever we are…

Mothers Day 

My beautiful Mom and her awesome children…

Mothers Day  

Another mom and her babies I saw that weekend…

Mothers Day


Happy Belated Mothers Day!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

They call me Suzie Homemaker

Yep, yet another cake and crafty candles I made for my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary.


Dresses for my little lady (well, were working on the lady part) …
100_1089 100_1090  
McCalls Patterns are very modest compared to others. The one above is a size 3, so she’ll have to grow into it. I couldn’t pass up this Pooh and Tigger fabric!!! Below is a dress made from a vintage pillow case. It works great as a smock to keep her clean during project time. You can find this pattern online for free. I bought a book full of sewing ideas just from pillow cases.

Craft Time 
PJs for kids and their favorite stuffed animals. This pattern was VERY easy, as it said on the pattern. I made up the Build-a-bear puppy pjs on my own.
Craft TimeCraft Time Craft Time
Jonathan needed a cool quilt and pillow to use in the crib. Only coincidentally did the remnant satin I found at JoAnns on separate occasions happen to be Vikings colors! (Go MN Vikings!) Let’s just say Tom’s a little jealous that I didn’t make this for him…
Craft Time
Found this dolly stroller for free, made a new cover/seat. It’s fun to be thrifty and fix old treasures up!
Craft Time

I’ve been scrapbooking traditionally and digitally with my favorite Creative Memories products. Here’s just ONE of my current projects amongst about a dozen I’ve been working on.
Craft Time
(Book to fill with 4x6 photos) Honestly only took me a few minutes once I picked out which photos I wanted to use.
Who Loves Baby Jonathan - Page 001
Who Loves Baby Jonathan - Page 002
Who Loves Baby Jonathan - Page 003
Who Loves Baby Jonathan - Page 004
Who Loves Baby Jonathan - Page 005
Who Loves Baby Jonathan - Page 006
Who Loves Baby Jonathan - Page 007
Who Loves Baby Jonathan - Page 008
Who Loves Baby Jonathan - Page 009  

And one more fun project to show you… combining photos of my kids for their frames on the wall. Nope – I couldn’t leave them plain!

2010 Portraits of Kids - Page 001 2010 Portraits of Kids - Page 002
2010 Portraits of Kids - Page 003 2010 Portraits of Kids - Page 004  
Yes, this was all very fun – and barely touches on what I’ve been working on this past month.

Happy Crafting!

If you want to know how I made any of these things, just ask!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

We are so excited!

Watch these videos of our summer vacation plans!


my disney vacation


my disney vacation

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy May Day

…a day later.

Yesterday was so much fun!

It started the night before with me primping myself which I rarely do. Shaving and mani-pedis. Finished product looked like this Saturday morning…

Homeschool Moms Tea Party

Our homeschool group’s Mom’s Morning Out hosted this beautiful Tea Party and May Baskets event. For only $3 we enjoyed creating our own may basket, had breakfast, tea and a light, traditional tea lunch, got much information about hosting tea parties and making tea. We mingles amongst the group of delightful ladies and ended the day with a drawing for many door prizes. It was simply fabulous to say the least. (Thanks  Kay, Lynn, Karri and Carrie and others!)

The May Baskets were made with glass jars, filled with bird seed, sea salt, sand or beads. The we added silk flowers, a beaded wire handle, and anything else our creative minds chose. It was a true ladies craft – as it was intended to be. “Right up my alley.”

When we arrived to the tea room (setup in a classroom), the tables were set so elegantly.
Homeschool Moms Tea Party
I just have to learn how to fold napkins like this!Homeschool Moms Tea Party
We enjoyed Darjeeling and Apricot teas, scones with raspberry jam, whip cream and lemon custard, quiche, fruit cups, cheese cake, toffee cake and crème puffs! 

Homeschool Moms Tea Party
My friends Laura and Linda with their lovely May Baskets. (and hats)
Homeschool Moms Tea Party
A lesson from Kay and Zita about tea party hosting.
 Homeschool Moms Tea Party  

Later when I got home, the kids and I went to work on our own MAY BASKETS. My own last-minute design, I am proud to say!

May Day BasketsMay Day Baskets

May Day Baskets

  First take a paper plate (has one glossy side) and cut in half. Tape into a cone, glossy side in like a water barrier.

May Day BasketsMay Day Baskets

Next add easter basket grass into a clear cup, not too full. Add the cone inside. On the front of the cup add Mary stickers for Mary – Our Lady of May. And/or tuck candy treats, marian prayer cards, seed packets, etc into the cup. With permanent marker, write the words “Happy May Day!”

May Day Baskets
May Day Baskets  Finally, have some annual flowers with wet paper towels wrapped around the dirt roots. Set into the cone and top off with some easter grass.

When you’re ready, take the May Baskets to your unsuspecting friends, neighbors and family’s doorsteps – ring the bell or knock – and run! This was our lesson in giving vs. recieving. To do something unselfishly without desiring any thanks in return.

Unfortunately it was really windy and we had to wait for some people to come take the baskets so they wouldn’t blow over. But we were all greeted with big smiles and thanks for our small but special gifts. Especially Stanley’s friend who was feeling a little under the weather.

  May Day BasketsMay Day Baskets

Grandma Carole got a 3-pack as she happily greeted the kids on this blustery day! The kids just had a great time handing out their homemade projects. I think better than halloween’s gimme-gimme night event.

May Day Baskets

It is clear that spring is here!


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