Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Love at first sight

You know it’s the home you should buy when you get all teary and choked up when you step into the yard and peek in the windows. We found our new home last night and should close on it very soon because the owners already moved out. For friends and family, I thought I’d share a few pics and thoughts.


I was excited as a kid in a candy shop when I found this home online just yesterday. Priced perfect (no negotiating) and taxes good number. Square footage just a bit smaller than our current home. But the yard and woodwork makes up for it.


MLS Description: Beautiful custom blt home on almost 1 acre of woods, loaded with extras, hickory cabinets, wood flrs, stainless steel appl, 3 BR 1 level, walkout, picture perfect lawn, spklr sys, extra wide asphalt drive, inflr heat (-boiler),heated & insul gar & more! Well, shared septic. Move in ready.


New house aerial

The yard is almost an acre with a wooded back yard, and woods across the street.

New house front

The house is just the color and styles we’ve always wanted. Plenty of natural light from the windows.

New house back

The yard is beautifully landscaped and taken care of. It’s sad these people couldn’t afford it anymore, but we appreciate all the details they created.


The kitchen is nothing short of fabulous. It has hickory cabinets, slate backsplash, and stainless steel appliances. The floors are wood laminate, tile and frieze carpet. Love it. It’s certainly our style.


So excited things are going very smoothly thus far. All due to our fabulous realtors, St. Joseph, as well as Brandy and Chris of Edina Realty. No complaints.


It’s a great buyers market, for certain. We’re just lucky and rare to win on both ends. Anyone else playing the real estate market?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Do you have a Zhu Zhu?

Zhu Zhu Pets are getting my kids attention these days. Anyone else?




Story begins – my mom gave us a card for Easter that read something like… For Easter we would like the children to go to the local pet store and chose 4 hamsters. We have paid for everything upfront.


Then on the back was… “Early April Fools!” Then the kids opened their baskets which had these zhu zhu pets and the 2 main rooms. Hamsters that run on batteries, interact with rooms and each other, and don’t eat or poop. Well, they do eat batteries…




Turns out you can’t have just the two rooms… you need accessories…



Once we added the slide and pool room – wow – these things really came to life. They make sounds, sing, dance, interact with each other. It’s very adorable. Each one has around 40 sounds it makes and there is a motion sensor inside. Each activity you add to their home brings more action and adventure for these little critters – and for the kids too!






Of course, having all the rooms and slide for their hamsters wasn’t enough (for me)! Mikayla and I got creative and made our own hamster houses out of shoe boxes and magazine clippings. Mine had a piano, pillow, prayer and dining areas, clothes, toys, holy pictures, treats, you name it. Funny thing is, one of the hamsters kept visiting it over and over again as if it liked it! he he




 ZhuZhu Pet homesZhuZhu Pet homes


ZhuZhu Pet homes        

This cover was made from clippings of different colored shirts in magazines as well as images from catholic catalogs which have mini pictures. It was assembled onto a clear laminate sheet then wrapped around the lid of the shoe box.


Sabrina won’t leave her Pipsqueak at home alone. She carries it everywhere, dead batteries, matted fur, basically a ragged rat looking thing now. She gave it a bath, so it doesn’t work anymore. I can’t even imagine what she’d do with a real hamster!?


Of course the ZHU ZHU toy company couldn’t stop there… now my kids are excited to earn their very own ZHU ZHU WARRIOR PETS! You know, to get some “fresh” ones to play with. These are available complete with battle stations, outfits, etc. Fun and cute in its own weird little way…



…So we prepared and bought a battery recharger and lots of AAs.


Tom is thinking somewhere the cuteness crossed over to crazy. What do you think?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thank you St. Joseph for interceding for us!

Dear Friends and Family,

Thanks be to GOD and St. Joseph our intercessor of prayers, and thanks to all our prayerful friends. Our prayers have been answered! WE JUST SOLD OUR HOUSE for 3% under asking price in 3 weeks! Take that housing market!


St. Joseph. He has always been a saint who speaks to Jesus in our behalf. On Oct 4, 2010 we listed our home for sale. The sign went in the ground the next day, as did St. Joseph (statue). We began the 9 day Novena immediately. Within an hour we got a call for our first showing. They came back a second time, plus two other showings in the first two weeks. (Keep in mind this is a terrible sellers market.) On day 9 of our 9 day novena, we got an offer from that first showing's buyer. We feel the Holy Spirit guiding us, and St. Joseph watching over us as we "make our move." 

I want others to know that the statue is not magic. It is the dedication to prayer and belief that St. Joseph will intervene for us to God - that is what brings the buyer - your faith. When we buried St. Joseph at our home back in 2006, we did not commit to prayer and God's will. It took over one year to sell our home. Sure there were other things that made it difficult to sell, but I still believe our faith has helped us this time for a quick sale.

So here we are, thanking and praising God for such a blessing. We go on our final home search on Sunday and from there - we move just after Thanksgiving if all goes well. Helpful hands, boxes and prayers are requested. If anyone has a few hours in their day to watch our beautiful children so we can pack, we'd be forever grateful.

For those who live in this area, I can only say that we will miss you dearly and will try to visit often. We will be moving to about an hour south of here. Far away from here, basically. If I think of it too much, I think I'll cry! It's just one of those things we have to do to get where we wanna be. Luckily we’ll always have blog world and facebook to stay connected!

Thank you again and again - for your prayers, friendship, encouragement and more.

Tom & Melissa

Mikayla, Stanley, Sabrina and Jonathan

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Birthday Party Tradition

My mom always threw fun birthday parties for me, and often still does for all members of our family. It doesn’t matter if family or all my friends were invited, it is always a special day. So of course, I have brought the tradition of birthday parties in to my family. For ages 1-99! My kids know they are special to us, but one day a year is ALL ABOUT THEM.

The Happy Birthday Sign magically appears… same as Mamaw’s. We now make sure to have photos of past birthdays, or scrapbooks out to see how they’ve grown.
The table is set with style and goodies…
Sabrinas 3rd Birthday
The Cake is decorated (by me of course)…
100_1741 100_2028  100_2314 Sabrinas 3rd Birthday
Balloons are all around…
(took yellow smile balloons and added Pooh features)

And Family and Friends show up ready to celebrate!
100_1754 100_2052
100_2316  Sabrinas 3rd Birthday
*Themes: Toy Story 3D, Winnie the Pooh 1st Bday,
Embroidery Party, and Princess of God our King.

Stanley just had to be “the man of the hour.” And who would have thunk that Chicken Noodle Soup from the crockpot with breadsticks would be such a hit? Oh, and save your kids Red Robin restaurant cups, they’ll drink anything in them!

Happy Birthday to my Summer & Fall Babies!

What are your birthday traditions? please comment!

Autumn is our family’s season

We’re in the midst of a few day back-n-forth counter offer on our house. Hoping it will end in a sale this week so we can look forward to the new place (we have our top 2 choices). It’s been rough on the kids keeping the house neat and tidy. I decided to give them a special treat for all their efforts. They got to pick out new bed comforters, which have certainly brightened up their rooms. Pictures later.

A few weeks ago when the fall colors were at their peak, we took some photos at a nearby trail. They turned out fabulous and I wanted to share a few with you. These are our children ages 1, 3, 6, and 8. Aren’t they photogenic!? Not bad for a spur of the moment photo shoot!
Jonathan Michalek age 1Sabrina Michalek age 3
Stanley Michalek age 6Mikayla Michalek age 8  

Just before arriving here, we joined our neighbors at Thompsons Greenhouse annual kids event, complete with maze, inflatable jumper and pumpkin painting.

Thompsons Greenhouse PartyThompsons Greenhouse Party
Thompsons Greenhouse Party 
 Thompsons Greenhouse Party  Thompsons Greenhouse Party

One school day we all needed some fresh air, so we went to Lake George for a walk and playground time. It was an amazing fall day.
Kids at Lake George in StCloudMN
The ducks followed us around the whole pond. Next time we need to remember some bread and a stroller!

With all the warm days, Tom finally got to paint our window wrap/trim. Never got so many comments on our house as we did that week.
It really stands out now. One lady hit it right on the nose… “Someone who lives here watches a lot of HGTV and has an eye for color.” That’s me in a nutshell!

All this nature and it seems only right that I have 2 boys to dig into it. Don’t get me wrong, my 2 girls get dirty too. But my boys seem to have a passion for digging, just like their daddy. We will NEED a new sandbox at the next house.
My oldest son is in his first year of Cub Scouts. We’ve noticed a change in him this fall, embracing his spirited nature and building on his strengths. Spending more time with his dad has made it extra special.

Tiger Cub Scouts MNPack18
Mikayla is enjoying Soccer when we make it there, and enjoying her allowed freedom to ride her bike around the neighborhood – by herself!
Thanks for sharing these memories with me!


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