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LENT Pray-Fast-Alms

As Christians, we are asked to humbly give of ourselves to God's will for us. To repent and start anew, accepting his Mercy and sharing His love. We can continue to renew this Christian journey each Lent! For 40 days from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday it is tradition to build virtue by Praying, Fasting and Almsgiving.
Pray-Fast-Alms Cards
Some of us may need more specific ideas, or ideas that we can do together as a family for motivation. Each thing we do is a Sacrifice, meaning it isn't meant to be easy. It may be simple, but it is an true offering of our time, talents and treasures. If you don't find it challenging, perhaps you need to go beyond the basic task and give more, read more, volunteer more often, or take a lead role helping others be mindful of these opportunities.
Pray-Fast-Alms Cards
I was inspired by a post on Team Whitaker blog. She gave a great starter idea for presenting these tasks on cards. Most know I am partial to ideas I can hang on Our Forever Tree, and this was right on! I came up with 36 ideas you can print, laminate and display as you'd like. More than enough to choose at least one a week of each category - Prayer, Fasting and Giving Alms. I added a blank page to add your own, and you could make enough to choose one a day for all 40 Days!
Pray-Fast-Alms Cards

HGC Lent Pray-Fast-Give Cards PDF File

These are also available as part of a 15 page Lent Family Activities PDF File.

HGC Lent Activities 15pg PDF File

Laminate your set to use year after year. You can cross off what you've completed, or have children write on the blank cards.
Pray-Fast-Alms Cards
Cut and pick them randomly from a jar. Punch holes in the tops to bind with a ring/string to flip through or to hang.
Pray-Fast-Alms Cards
We decided to hang them on Our Forever Tree in place of the Jesus Tree Cards. Our call to action this season includes scripture reading, but my kids need to get their hands dirty in the world. They need to interact with people in our community, our church and our extended family in new ways. I think this will be just the motivation they need.
Pray-Fast-Alms Cards

These are for you to print for your family or classroom! I love great quality resources for parents and teachers, and I hope to continue to share my talents with all of you. In an effort to make sense of all the time I've spent putting these together for friends and strangers, I've added a (hopefully reasonable) fee for my printable documents. However, all my lesson plans and ideas remain free!

HGC Lent Pray-Fast-Give Cards 3pg PDF File

These cards are included in my larger file, if you'd like more activities!

HGC Lent Family Activities 15pg PDF File

Share below in the comments some of the ideas you wrote on your card set!

Have a Blessed Lenten Season! Find more ideas here:

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