Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Natural Family Plan Worked

Well, not really. I've been doing NFP for years now, but we're still refining it. Apparently I'm more fertile than I thought I'd be early on in the cycle, and not always good at reading the signs. But we're always happy when it comes to adding another family member. Each one is such a delight, and we wouldn't change a thing.

What really "worked" is Our Openness to Life!

Large Family Baby Gender Reveal - Homegrown Catholics

Click on picture to enlarge and read our thoughts!


We are thrilled to announce that our "Brady Bunch" days have arrived [Except for Alice]. We are expecting a GIRL in February and she'll tie us up having 3 girls and 3 boys! We'd be excited either way, as such news is always joyful - after a short adjustment period. I must admit, I was a bit nervous at first - but I'm so giddy. In fact, I told Tom God's will is simply too funny not to smile. This was definitely His plan and not ours, but we're very okay with it!


(Tom is really happy too, the picture is just a joke!)


It should be an interesting year, as we sold ALL our girl clothes sz0-5T just last year. We also sold our bassinet, maya wrap, Breastfriend nursing pillow, playpen, and other baby items. Fortunately, I love to shop, sew and find bargains on Craigslist! I happened to keep the car seat and bottles, though I plan to give breastfeeding a good try again. (Doesn't work out for more than 3-7 months for me.) Our local Just Between Friends (second hand/consignment) Sale is on the calendar. And I'm already to sew up a Ring Sling, Car Seat Cover, Nursing Cover, cloth diapers and Dresses courtesy of my large stock of fabrics for my Modest Mommies home business.


Pray for us, as we are in the midst of deciding whether or not to stay and shift things around, add on, move or build. After buying a new nine-passenger Suburban, we don't have much wiggle room in our budget.


Blessings to all our family friends, be they small or large.

Tom & Melissa


Its A Girl reveal

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Photos that didnt make the cut


These are the pictures during our family photo shoot (by me) that are great but won't make the Christmas Card. They are still too cute to not show anyone. Can't wait to show you the masterpieces! Until then, enjoy!

Who got cut? Jonathan!
dscn3154Jonathan hair cut
A hair cut that is. Only because he begged me to. I hated every minute of it. Missing those luscious locks.
Jonathan hair cut
Loving that big boy smile!

Fall Photo Shoot - Stanley
Fall Photo Shoot
That's Stanley in our side yard.
Fall Photo Shoot
Sabrina in the Mary Garden before the frost hits. She got bored with it really fast, but gives the best smiles.
Fall Photo Shoot
Mommys baby bump
Me at 20 weeks pregnant in the backyard trails. Instead of hiking, you'll usually find me on the hammock just a few steps away.
Fall Photo Shoot - Tom and Jonathan
I said, come take a picture with Daddy. Jonathan said, "take another one!" So we did.
Edward 20 monthsEdward 20 months
Eddie and his cutie-toes! Most snapshots were a blur or him looking at something else that was neat!
Mikayla age 11
Mikayla my reader with her favorite book (Awakening). We pay for her babysitting and helpfulness in books. Can't believe those are my boots she's wearing. (tear) She's all grown up. (almost)
Mikayla age 11Sisters Mikayla and Sabrina
Sisters, Sisters… there were never such devoted sisters… until one wanted the doll clothes the other put on her Barbie, or when she got kicked in the head by the other during a "sleep-over," or as soon as we got back in the truck and they had to sit next to each other for a long period of time…

Other autumn scenes:
A Clean HouseBackyard Beauty
Backyard Beauty
Trampoline Fun


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