Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Homeschool Year #8

Year 8 First Day of Homeschool


We're ready! Bring it on!


Front Door Photos - Ready to go in, not away.

Baby 8Year 8 First Day of Homeschool - EdwardYear 8 First Day of Homeschool - JonathanYear 8 First Day of Homeschool - SabrinaYear 8 First Day of Homeschool - StanleyYear 8 First Day of Homeschool - Mikayla


How do we measure up on our first day of school?

Year 8 First Day of Homeschool - Measurements

In our laundry room is a board that can come with us to any house we live in. It marks our height the same day every year, and sometimes on birthdays too. This year each child grew 2.25-3 inches taller! Sabrina and Stanley are by far going to pass everyone up someday!


Let the school day begin!

Year 8 First Day of Homeschool A really simple setup was the red tablecloth (would prefer it be linen) with the signs they'd hold for their photos. They wrote their name on it. A center piece with our school saint. New books all lined up. New pencils, erasers and some supplies off to the side. Apples for breakfast (with PB).

I added a plastic flip FROG toy. I told them this year we're going to remember to Fully Rely On God = FROG!


Year 8 First Day of HomeschoolYear 8 First Day of Homeschool


and shortly after (done in 2-3 hours), we had our Playtime Adventure! We hope to have many.

First Day of School at park

Extreme Dot2DotYear 8 First Day of Homeschool

Year 8 First Day of HomeschoolJonathan - so many acorns

park day

My BoysEddie 18 months


Year 8 First Day of HomeschoolYear 8 First Day of Homeschool

Year 8 First Day of HomeschoolYear 8 First Day of Homeschool

All will attend a coop using Catholic Schoolhouse for Art, Science and memory work. For extra enrichment, we also have Behold & See Science books and books about artists.



Early Literacy for Young Catholics (Seton)

I Can Find: Letters and Numbers (CHC)

Catholic ABCs (Catholic Icing)

Misc workbooks and manipulatives



Little Stories for Little Folks (CHC)

Writing Our Catholic Faith 1 (Sacred Heart Books & Gifts)

Phonics for Young Catholics (Seton)

My First Spanish Words (Usborne)

Saxon Math K (Seton)


Third Grade:

English 3 (Seton)

Spelling 3 (CHC)

Handwriting with a Purpose, Transition Handwriting/Cursive

Saxon Math 3 (Seton)

Catholic Faith Comes to the Americas (Seton)

Maps book

Gr3 Readers (CHC and Seton)

Mad Libs

Extreme Dot-to-Dot: Around the World


Sixth Grade:

The Language of God E (CHC)

Spelling E (CHC)

Writing Our Catholic Faith 6 (Sacred Heart Books & Gifts)

Saxon Math 6/5, maybe some 7/6 (Seton)

America's Catholic Heritage (Seton)

Write and Draw Through History

Maps book

Write Your Own Story Book (Usborne)

Catholic novels, many mystery


Year 8 First Day of Homeschool - Teacher Melissa

The Teacher's Books:

33 Days to Morning Glory: A Do it Yourself Retreat by Gaitley

Scream Free Parenting by Hal Runkel

Homegrown Faith: Nurturing Your Catholic Family by Heidi Bratton

The Temperament God Gave Your Kids: Motivate, Discipline and Love Your Children by Bennett

The Homeschool Experiment, a novel by Charity Hawkins


Blessings on your homeschool adventures this year!

Thanks for looking at our first day of many. I know it will get crazier than this week has started, but I'm okay with that. I wouldn't have it any other way, even if many days I say I want to quit. For us, there is no alternative form of education that is good enough for our kids.


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