Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Science Museum Fun

Need to get out of the house, but want to stay inside? Visit the science museum. It's a classic adventure.

Science Museum of MN day

Create stop motion animation!

Science Museum of MN day

Anchor the news!

Science Museum of MN day

Play Tetris on ice!

Science Museum of MN day

Learn about liquid nitrogen!

Science Museum of MN day

Build a dinosaur!

Science Museum of MN day

Be amazed!

A Warm and Frigid Winter

sledding 42 degree day

Minnesota weather never has a typical weather pattern in my opinion, and that's what we love about it. This winter we've felt a little more like shut ins, between subzero wind chills and episodes of terrible flu and colds. It's just been the nastiest year for flu, colds, croup, RSV, etc.  Every time we leave the house together, it finds us! Therefore, we've been hermits as much as possible.

Snow Fun Inside20131219_110927

It's no wonder on a warmer day (like 20 degrees +) we get cabin fever and break out of here. The last weekend in December (2013) we got a chance at a 42 degree day! Coats came off for most of us at the sledding hill. We stayed out for hours just soaking in the sunshine and germ free air.

sledding 42 degree day

sledding 42 degree daysledding 42 degree daysledding 42 degree day

Melissa 7 months pregnant w Mollysledding 42 degree daysledding 42 degree day

sledding 42 degree day


But then there are those subzero temperature days where we still manage to find some fun to be had. We found out it takes 5 minutes to frost an egg, boiling water becomes a cloud, and cold water instantly freezes when it's 40 below windchill outside. It is inevitable that we're spending our science time in January studying the arctic and winter phenomenon.



The in between days are fun when we can choose in or out. Getting back to "school" when half are sick, I'm pregnant, and we took a Thanksgiving thru Christmas break, is near impossible. So we've just had unschooled learning fun - and laid back activities until Mommy gets some motivation. It wasn't until this past week we've really hunkered down on bookwork.

normal day wear

Inside it's 70 degrees! Not often, but on occasion I will allow the choice of shorts?

However, most days have been pajama days.


Snow Fun Inside

Sometimes the snow comes inside!




Or we pick one of dozens of other things we have to do!



Best toy ever - Magnatiles


Playdoh, Nook Books, paperback books, Wii games, and a plethera of toys.

Math with Daddy

Math on the couch with Daddy, or crafts at the school table with Mommy.


(White crayon snowflakes, ready to paint over with water colors.)


Sometimes we head outside, even if for just an hour or so, because Mommy and Daddy need a break.


for snowfort building in the fresh air. Keep those mittens on kiddos!


At the end of the day, they are usually worn out if we made the most of our time. I love watching them cozy together on the couch or floor during story or movie time. I must admit, we have watched a lot of movies lately, as it is the easiest way to calm an antsy child. While autumn is our favorite season, we admit that winter is always welcome at our home.


That's just some of the ways we've spent our current winter. Thanks for looking!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Waiting for her birthday

I seriously am so excited for the arrival of our sixth child!

Melissa 7 months pregnant w Molly

I am excited for…

baby kisses

Ludys 94th Bday

baby smells

Sabrina Baptism13

suckling baby

Breastfeeding Jonathan

sibling bonding

Edward is Born

and sharing with extended family and friends!

4Generations - Doris Wicks-Pat Maltzen-Melissa Michalek-Mikayla Michalek


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