Friday, April 23, 2010

Mary’s Little Crowns

Our daughter is part of a Schoenstatt Girls’ group called Mary’s Little Crowns (similar to Little Flowers). I have the pleasure of leading the activities with my friend in May. It’s our last meeting of the year, and it’s the Month of Mary. Here are my notes to sparkle your imagination!

We Become Mary’s Little Crowns: May 2010

Open with Ceremony
· Hand out cards with prayers and responses.

· Procession: Crowning the girls.
· Sing: “Immaculate Mary” or “Hail Holy Queen” - I had these and other songs playing from my ipod. I went to ITunes and got a great selection of kids songs about Mary.

I found this princess table cloth at Target for just over $1.

· “We can be her little crown, even when we’re not wearing a crown.”

The Crown:
CrownsSchoenstatt May Projects

Found these tiaras at Party City for less than $1 per crown. Add this Mary “Mother Thrice Admirable” Sticker if you’d like. Just print on a full sheet label paper and cut out to fit front of crowns. I used a hexagon punch.

Schoenstatt Girls’ Youth in Germany crown Mary at a large gathering of girls like yourselves . The original crown had been lost or stolen, so they decided to be MARY’S LIVING CROWN. 500 girls formed a crown with their bodies. Mary wants us to be her Crown and bring her love for God and for all people into the world.

We want to give our heart to Mary, become her Little Crown - glimmering in every thought, word and action. To help us get started, we are going to make a Mary’s May Basket which we will fill full of good thoughts and deeds.

Mary’s May Basket
Schoenstatt May Projects· 8 inch paper doily, curl into a cone shape and tape/staple.
· Write RTA in the middle and/or add sticker
    *Regina = Queen *Thrice = Three *Admirablis = Admirable
· Add a ribbon loop for hanging.
· Give each girl a small baggie/envelope full of paper hearts, jewel shapes OR silk rose petals.

Instructions: Over the next week, write on your [hearts] what you have said, done or thought that was a beautiful jewel to add to Mary’s crown – and put them in your basket.


[Click here for an alternative printout for girls to track deeds. Can’t remember which website I found it at??]

This basket for Mary would be best put by a Mary statue or shrine in your home. So today, we are going to make a Mary statue!

2010 03 11_Lent-Easter_00062010 03 11_Lent-Easter_0007

Mary Statue
CLICK HERE for Mary coloring sheet. Print onto cardstock. You MAY WANT to cut these ahead of time.
Mary Statue
Note: I designed this coloring sheet with text for this project, but can't take credit for the beautiful image of Mary and the medals. If you know the original artist, please contact me so I can give him or her proper recognition! :)

> Color, cut and tape/staple Mary into a cylinder-style statue.
>We used 3 glue dots. Just tear off sets of 3 from the roll (of 200) for each girl, stick down and peel the backing off.
> Add 12 shiny star stickers for a crown.

Schoenstatt Rosary-colorpage1
Mary taught us to pray the Rosary. It’s the chains that bind satan down, and our prayer intentions are lifted to Heaven for the good of all souls.

Color this Rosary and pray a Hail Mary or Decade (if time allows).

TREAT: Some very tasty Rosary Cupcakes or Rosary Cookies (as beautifully made by Jamie)


GAME: I had three small gifts for prizes. I had some beaded strtchy bracelets which I attatched a holy medal onto. I asked these questions, and whoever was first to answer got a prize. Trouble is, all the girls wanted a prize - so I suggest not doing as I did - instead bring some small treat to hand out to everyone else or not do prizes at all.

>What does RTA stand for?
.....Regina Thrice Admirabilis
>How many girls formed the Mary's Living Crown?
.....500 girls
>What country were they from?
>Can anyone spell Schoenstatt? (just kidding)
>How many stars are on Mary's crown?
.....12 stars
>What are the three ways you can add jewels to Mary's crown?
.....what you have said, done or thought  (kind words and good deeds and thoughts)

For Moms: I found a wonderful document about Exploring Mary and Motherhood (tips for moms and daughters) at and recommend checking it out!

Catholic Icing


Counting Down to a Vacation

 TO Florida Route.jpg
We are planning a vacation as we speak. On an unmentionable date we’re heading down to Orlando, Florida! We are so excited and the kids got in on the excitement right away.

We thought about waiting until the last minute to tell them, but this is one of those incentive moments, where we can bribe them to finish their school! But every time we get into the car, or talk about going somewhere – Stanley and Sabrina are quick to ask if we’re leaving for Florida. [Nothing packed mind you and a long time away.] Since it worked so well last year, I devised another countdown chart to ease the tension. Once we get to the 30 day mark, this is what’s ready.

It’s a puzzle of sorts, where each day’s card completes a part of the puzzle to reveal some adventures we’ll go on. I got this piece of cardboard from Sam’s Club. They always have tons of this stuff for free. (Makes great project boards or art canvases!)

Florida Countdown

Here are the puzzle pieces. Print this sheet of numbers on cardstock or business card perforated paper. Then print 3 8x10 images of where you are going on the other side. I chose a postcard image of the state, an image of the resort fun, and in this case – a photo of all the Disney characters! Cut or tear apart.

Florida Countdown
disney group1

Florida Countdown
Then have them glue one on every day as you countdown to ???????

Florida Countdown
Sabrina is looking forward to meeting Tinkerbell! Stanley will get shy when he meets Buzz Lightyear and Woody. And Mikayla will have the biggest hugs for all the Princesses. I am hoping Jonathan won’t freak out like my brother did when he sees Pooh? Tom and I are looking forward to the whole adventure, which we’ll be sharing with my parents, siblings and guest.

If anyone wants to share some helpful hints
about taking little kids on
a two day drive (one way)
***Please share!!!!***


HT: MySpace Graphicsand other free images.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Photogenic – But Stranger Shy

Jonathan crying 9mth


None of the other children have ever had a problem with going to get their pictures taken. Once they were more mobile they got a little antsy, but yesterday I got my first crier. It’s mostly because he got woken up from his quick nap in the car. But he didn’t want me to wander more than a couple feet away.


Jonathan toes 9mth


But he touched his toes and ears a lot, which was really cute.


Jonathan toes2 9mth

Jonathan ears 9mth


He’s teething, but luckily no drool in these photos. Smiles came by playing Peek-a-boo from Mommy. He wasn’t too sure about the photographer, though she was trying really hard! At one point on his hands an knees, he pushed himself backwards and up into a sitting position (tears streaming!). I, smiling, asked her if she got a picture – because that was the first time he had ever done that! He’d been trying all week to get from lying down to sitting up on his own. He later got his nap while mommy shopped for some summer tees at Fashion Bug.


So here are the final picks for our frames and scrapbooks…


Jonathan @ 9 Months Old


Jonathan 9mth whitefullJonathan 9mth closeup2


Jonathan 9mth profileJonathan 9mth closeup 


A little girl in the next room couldn’t keep her eyes off of my handsome little guy, and she kept coming to visit. He’s a cutie, for sure!


Thanks to JC Penny Portraits!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Brother’s a Champion!

Well, it’s taken me long enough to post this – my brother, who’s now 15, went to the 9th Grade Championships in his district a few weeks ago. They took second place, but were undefeated the whole season until they met up with this team in the end. It was a thrill ride to watch, and they all played a great game(s). I just wanted to say congrats to Michael and his team, we’re so proud of you!!!



During Half Time, my brother and two other team mates decided ( or planned) to take the time to dance instead of practice. They had the whole stands roaring in laughter and singing along to… YMCA!





My brother is the middle “A” below.



In case you want to see them in action…



My kids had such fun, and Jonathan must wonder why all these nutcases are screaming all the time! Yes, we came right after Mass dressed in our Easter best.


100_0605 100_0608


Grandma surprised Mikayla by bringing along her neighbor’s girl who has become great friends with Mikayla over the years.



Our grandparents and uncle came to the games, which was very special. Some asked if we are selling tickets with such a big group!


100_0594100_0613 100_0616 100_0618 100_0622

1-2-3-GO BULLS!




Doris-Jonathan beep


Wouldn’t have missed it for the world!


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