Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pieces of August


Happy 85th Birthday Great-Great Auntie Lolly


Ready for Church Pictures? Sure am!



Snowballs in the Summer - oh yes. Wish we had found these on those 90-100 degree days a few weeks before.


Playhouse is coming along nicely! Now that construction is ending, we can work on the other projects.

Giant Mushroom dissection, ew! Time for the birthday girl to get some girly time with mommy. Her first massage and a hair cut to start the school year.




Carpet is in, so it's time to reassemble beds, move in (again) and dance on the plushest carpet ever!


Cleanest our room has ever been. Hope to keep it that way!



Before: Tree Damage After:100_5153

I now have a ceiling, a chandelier and the best new patio door! It glides. Already had my first dinner party… lasagna of course.


Celebrating (Mikayla &) Sabrina's bday a little early, we helped Arial the chewed up and broken little mermaid, turn into Arial the human princess with legs. She promises to take good care of her.


Papa showed us his newest toy… 100_5161


and certainly more snuggle time on the new carpet.

It's been a great August, thanks to some great workers and supporters. Love ya all! I got more zucchini bread if you come to visit again!


June-July's events will have to be posted later. We are still gathering pictures of the wedding and all the fun in Branson MO.


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