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April is Cesarean Awareness Month

If a baby is not in your future plans -
PLEASE pass this on to any friends/family who may…

April is Cesarean Awareness Month

This is for anyone who is going to or possibly have a baby in their future, or anyone who’s already had a baby.

If you've had a cesarean delivery, even a few… and your doctor won't talk to you about VBACS (vaginal birth after cesarean), find someone who will. Get more reasons why they don't want you to - such as why you had it the first time? If you are having your first baby or a pregnancy with the possibility of a cesarean delivery - please keep reading.

Inspirational VBAmultipleC video:
Another beautiful VBAC video:

I had an emergency c-section with my first because of prolonged labor. For my second pregnancy (still overweight at 230lbs), my doctor convinced me that my babies will only get bigger so I better just go with another cesarean to "avoid labor with an inevitable c-section". Dummy me, I gave in without too much consideration. My 2nd baby was SMALLER and I could have done a VBAC after all.

When I got pregnant with my third (at 250 lbs), not only did he say VBAC is no longer an option because of the first two cesareans, but that he doesn't want to see me getting pregnant again because the risks get higher with each surgery. He even had me considering tying my tubes. I prayed, prayed some more, then did some research. My Catholic prolife stance basically says I can't, and besides - I won’t and I want another baby - or at least the possibility of another. And the research showed more risks with tube tying than a repeat cesarean. Now that my third baby is 7 months old, I have heard multiple stories of women having as many as 9 cesareans with no complications. Some stories from nurses at my clinic. It’s as if they held back the positives until after I made my decision. And my third was even smaller than the other two, so if I would have VBAC’d the 2nd baby, the 3rd would have been a breeze.

So there is hope, and I hope to have a 4th baby in the future. Possibly a VBAmultipleC! I have learned to confidently let my doctors and NPs that I know what I am doing, I know the risks involved, and don't have any hesitations with my decisions. Can you say the same?

Even though I am okay now, the pain and depression associated with Cesarean Deliveries was not worth it. I only wish I could go back. SO PLEASE research, pray, and consider a VBAC or no first cesarean at all. Especially if you want more children in your future, or at least the possibility of. The doctor's are just covering their own butts by telling you no! And in the meantime, eat healthy and exercise as much are able - perhaps get a personal trainer at the local gym to assist you so you’re in tip top shape for the pregnancy and birth of your babies.

Either way, practice Natural Family Planning to delay pregnancy afterwards to allow for proper healing. You want at least 2 years between pregnancies, for you and your family.

-Melissa Michalek 2008


What is Cesarean Awareness Month?
An internationally recognized month of awareness about the impact of cesarean sections on mothers, babies, and families worldwide. It's about educating yourself to the pros and cons of major abdominal surgery and the possibilities for healthy birth afterwards as well as educating yourself for prevention of cesarean section. Cesarean awareness is for mothers who are expecting or who might choose to be in the future. It's for daughters who don't realize what choices are being taken away from them. It's for scientists studying the effects of cesareans and how birth impacts our lives. It's for grandmothers who won't be having more children but are questioning the abdominal pains and adhesions causing damage 30 years after their cesareans.CESAREANS are serious. There is no need for a 'catchy phrase' to tell us that this is a mainstream problem. It affects everyone. One in three American women every year have surgery to bring their babies into the world. These women have lifelong health effects, impacting the families that are helping them in their healing, impacting other families through healthcare costs and policies, and bringing back those same lifelong health effects to the children they bring into this world.Be aware. Read. Learn. Ask questions. Get informed consent.
Be your own advocate for the information you need to know.

What OB/GYN doctors do you see? I have Dr. Eric Thompson at the CentraCare W&C. He’s really good and understanding of my choices. And I am sure each pregnancy and each person are different. He said the optimal spacing for children after a c-section is minimum 2 years. I was pregnant 13 months after 1st c/s then at 2 yrs 6 mth after the 2nd c/s. I deliver 1-2 weeks early to avoid going into labor. Not only was it better recovery for the 3rd c/s, but I like the spacing between the kids for my own sanity!

After watching the videos, I am going to consider a VBA3Cs. But I am going to try to wait 4 years for the next one, and get myself into tip top shape. Having my belly bulge so much near the incision makes it harder to heal. And being so overweight is hard enough, let alone adding a pregnancy. In some situations, I can see there isn’t really a choice medically. But it’s been SO nice to hearing success stories of more than 3 c/s. Doctors (especially NPs and nurses) really try to scare you into decisions, even immoral ones (birth control). So it’s nice to have a reference to share with them, that successful multiple c/s happen more often than they are willing to admit.

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