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First Reconciliation Activities

confession Stanley on First Reconciliation Day
Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit while teaching my son, Stanley, and his class all about Reconciliation I have come up with some ideas to share!

Reconciliation Lapbook
Lapbook nameplate example
Click to Print your lapbook pieces.
It includes name label (for meaning of name, bible verse),  important prayers, Ten Commandments, and A Taste of Confession label.

A Taste of Confession
Taste of Reconciliation
1. Examination of Conscience: Hot Seat Cinnamon
2. Reconciliation: A Sour Patch Sorry
3. Contrition: Prayer Pretzels
4. Penance: Refreshing Acts Mints
5. Forgiveness: Melt Away Our Sins Chocolates
Taste of Confession

Another food idea is to serve ALL WHITE FOOD or treats, as a symbol of purity. You can see my Sacramental Cakes at our Michalek Kitchen blog.

Carve a Cross
Need: Soap bar, plastic knife and toothpick

Make a Spiritual First-Aid Kit
(as seen on More Than Enough blog)
The Bandage reminds us that Jesus heals the wounds of the heart.
The Cotton Balls remind us that Jesus blots away our sins.
The Tissue reminds us that Jesus wipes away our tears.
The Antiseptic Wipes remind us that Jesus cleanses our hearts.
The Lip Balm reminds us that Jesus softens our hard, dry hearts.
The Holy Water reminds us that Jesus blesses us.

Ten Commandments Match-up
 10 Commandments 4Lapbook pg110 Commandments 4Lapbook pg2

Ten Commandment Tablets
Ten Commandments Tablets craft
Directions on

First Reconciliation Gift Ideas
*Rosary or Rosary Bracelet
*Crucifix for Room (or kit to make a cross rosary hanger)
*Craft Kit: above activities or First Communion Banner kit
*Quiet in the Pew: Catholic Mass Seek and Find Cards

Arma Dei - Equipping Catholic Families has wonderful faith-learning products and freebies. My favorite is converting ordinary games to Catholic learning tools!

What is a Catholic Confession?

Other Links
Homegrown Catholics: The Soul Diet: Keepsakes, Quiet in the Pew, Celebrating Sacraments, and more
The Catholic Toolbox: Sacrament of Reconciliation
That Resource Site: Meeting Our Lord in the Sacrament of Reconciliation booklet
Sunday School Network: Hard to see the light through a sinful heart

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