Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rules on Makin’ Love and Makin’ Babies

I have done extensive research about sterilization. Coming upon a third cesarian delivery, I was told my risks of rupture increase with each surgery and pregnancy. (not necessarily ture, but none the less...) I was faced with the decision to rely solely on Natural Family Planning or chose tubal ligation or another form of Birth Control. Well, as a practicing Catholic, I wanted to be certain that I was not going against the church's teachings. And I wanted to know what those teachings were, and how they applied to my situation. Happily I found all the answers I was looking for, and am pleased to know that NFP is not only the only choice, but the best choice for the heath of my marriage and my body. I hope you will all take a look at the articles I found to help reassure yourself in this decision. It's not just a Catholic choice, it's a profound lifestyle that ensures the quality of your relationship with your spouse. And it's a true testament to respecting all life.

Father Saunders Article: Sterlization as Contraception -
(this was the best article, describing that because my organs are functioning healthy and are not "diseased" that would risk my life - it is a mortal sin to have them removed or altered. The only acception was if I had a hysterectomy because of rupture or cancer/disease which resulted in sterilization. But not acceptable to remove or alter due to personal choice to sterilize.)

Natural Family Planning:

Catholic Viewpoint on Birth Control:

Married Couples Who Intentionally Chose Sterilization For Contraceptive Purposes And Lasting Repentance :

A final resource for all couples:

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