Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Marian Gardens

Well, spring is finally here - not just on the calendar, but the weather too! I am so excited. After this weekend, I will be ready to plan out our backyard garden/landscaping project. I know I've always wanted to have a Marian Garden, and I found this wonderful website with some ideas:

Main website:

Homeschooling Mary Gardens

It's going to be challenging because we have pine trees back there, so I need find a good spot first. Then near the pine tree line, I am most likely going to plant hardy flowers and bushes that represent times in our life and christian symbolism.

I am thinking there will be hydrangeas, our wedding flower. For Christian plants, I found Bishops Hats, Jacobs Ladder, Cardinal Flower, and a few others. It will be interesting.

Pass on any ideas you've had!

Religious Name / Common Name / Botanical Name

Virgin's Tears/ Lungwort /Pulmonaria officinalis
Our Lady's Keys /Cowslip Primrose /Primula veris
Eyes of Mary /Forget-me-not /Myosotis alpestris
Our Lady's Delight /Pansy/ Viola tricolor
Pincushion /Thrift /Armeria mariima
Shoes /Columbine /Aquilegia vulgaris
Our Lady's Thimble /Bluebells of Scotland /Campanula rotundifolia
Madonna's Pins /Wild Geranium /Geranium maculatum
Mystical Rose /Rose /Rosa
Our Lady's Gloves /Foxglove /Digitalis purpurea
Our Lady's Nightcap /Canterbury Bells /Campanula medium
Mary's Candle /Giant Mullein /Verbascum thapsus
Mary's Hand /Five Fingers /Potentilla nepalensis
Rose of Mary/ Rose Campion /Lychnis coronaria
Madonna Lily /Madonna Lily /Lilium candidum
Mary's Gold /Marigold /Tagetes
Mary's Bud /Pot Marigold /Calendula officinalis
Our Lady's Earrings /Garden Balsam/ Impatiens balsaminum
Mary's Thistle /Blessed Tnistle /Silybum marianum
Virgin Flower /Periwinkle /Vinca minor
St. Joseph's Staff /Hollyhock /Althea rosea
Mary's Slippers /Monkshood /Aconitum napellus
Our Lady by-the-gate /Soapwort /Saponaria officinalis
Assumption Lily/ Funkia /Hosta plantaginea
O. L. Birthday Flower/ Early Aster /Aster amellus
chrysanthemums /Chrysanthemum /Chrysanthemum
Our Lady's Bedstraw /Yellow Bedstraw /Gallium verum
Our Lady's Pincushion/ Scabiosa /Scabiosa atropurpurea
Our Lady's Fingers /Honeysuckle /Lonicera caprifolium
Easter Flower /Candytuft/ Iberis semperflorens
Our Lady's Tears/ Spiderwort /Tradescantia virginiana

(list found here)

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  1. Hi Melissa!!
    We didn't stay long at the park yesterday, sorry!!

    I love your ideas of your Marion garden. You are such a fun person! We never did a particular Mary garden, but I do have a couple friends who did "blue" or "white" gardens in honor of Mary or the Holy Spirit. Using those flower colors. Red is also appropriate for our Lord's blood shed.


Thank you for reading about our family. I look forwards to sharing ideas, joys and struggles. God Bless you in your journey!


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