Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day Jazz

Well, it's a few days past, but Mother's Day was such a blast for my family and me. I had prepared and hosted a 1940s Cocktail Party for my mom's mom who turned 80 this year. And also to celebrate Mother's Day and Wicks Spring Birthdays. The Big Band music had people's feet tapping all day long, the guys enjoyed playing darts, the ladies raved over dresses and delectable appetizers, and the kids got a sunny day to enjoy the yard. My grandmother was astonished at what I had accomplished, with all the fine details seen to. Well, I did have a few months of planning and preparation, but really it always comes down to the last 24 hours! - right ladies?

Here's a picture we finally got with my prodding, of the whole Wicks family minus a few that couldn't make it. I had to make some editing, but otherwise it turned out pretty good I think. I am exhausted to say the least, it took a few days to recover - and now I'm sore from being at the gym.

Oh, and here's the special mother's day gift I got from my kiddos - a bouquet of coffee filter flowers. My husband's gift was taking me dancing, buying me a dress, and helping clean for and host the party. He's benn a romancer ever since Thursday.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun!!

    Glad you had a nice day!


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