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WW MW - What would Mary wear?

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who posted: "There are some rules that do work for every family, though. In general if you wear it to the beach — don’t wear it to church; if you wear it to bed — don’t wear it to church; and if you wear it to the gym — don’t wear it to church."

I just love that rule. We are a little relaxed here when it comes to dressing for church, we allow jeans that are newer/nicer - preferably not blue. Modesty is always a factor, and dresses or skirts... well, church is the only place we really get to wear them, so we do.

What would Mary wear - well not much of anything in my closet, but if she lived in this day I think she would approve of 90% of my clothing.

Well, my day to day looks a little like this. Your basic jeans and a tshirt, or whatever I'm wearing to the gym later. My kids are the same. It's getting easier, I think, to find modest clothing for little girls that it was a few years ago. And now in 2008, the new fashion look is inspired by the 1940s, one of my most favorite times in cultural history. And I consider it "well covered."

I'll be honest, in high school, I really wanted to be able to wear the little skirts and tops my friends wore. But it was more, I wanted TO BE ABLE TO, in the sense that I wanted a more flattering figure, instead of my plumpness. Most of the clothes I fit into then we're things my mom would wear. Back then, not so long ago, they didn't have plus sizes in the girls section.
I am now finding websites and stores that have options for us plus size people, that are flattering, age appropriate, not too expensive, and mostly modest.
I guess for me it's just more natural to want to dress lady-like. Dressing modestly, not overly so, but not to attract any unwanted attention. Too many perverts out there who might get the wrong idea these days... and lets not forget the pedofiles who see those little girls playing in their little skirts the mother's shouldn't have bought in the first place.
Whatever happened to "Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes.."

A link about CATHOLIC Modest Modeling - really great! Includes modesty guidelines.
A link warning about modern "Hootchie Wear"
More Modest Clothing & Dresses found at:

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