Friday, June 6, 2008

Catholic Day Camp

Jaime's Preschool Group that included my little Stanley.

I was a part of the craft station, but as our yearbook editor
I also got to visit all the groups to take pictures. Tom helped too.
Mikayla's group full of K-1st graders. They were so delightful!

There was such a wonderful spiritual vibe there. The main theme of the week was angels, and you could feel their presence as we sang, danced and praised God. Purely uplifting, a feeling a camera or video couldn't capture.

The music was absolutely phenominal - check it out at

We had speakers about angels, saints and vocations. We had a closing mass. It was all so beautifully presented. God really watched out for us, filling us with His Spirit, and keeping the clouds and rain tucked away until about 1 hour after we all left on Thursday.
What an experience! Can't wait for next year!
We just had an absolute blast the first week at Catholic Day Camp (VSB at a local homeschooler's farm). The theme was "Parachuting with the Angels." We started the day at 8:30 in the hay loft with music, skits and prayer. That was very early for many of the families, including ours - but it was worth it. Then we broke out into our groups by stations and ages. They gathered in the hay loft, silos, garage, yard and house. There were almost 70 children plus volunteering teens and adults to bring the whole thing together.

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  1. Hey, this was not here last time I came here, how did you do that? Great post!!

    I really liked the post about President Bush, I love that guy!


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