Monday, July 14, 2008

A homeschooler's piggy bank.

I just finished reading this good article that you should read to...
about "What is it with homeschoolers and money?"

I have noticed some of these things too, but not just amongst homeschoolers.

I myself am not frugile - except when I really have to be (such as now). But I will not wheel and deal my way through life. I pay what I think things are worth, and realize that there is a family waiting for a paycheck at the other end of that item I am purchasing.

I always get mad at the fact that there are people out there working as hard as my husband, but because their boss takes a big cut of the profit, or because they want to keep the product cheaper, they are working for less than half of his income. That's just wrong in my book. You should get paid fairly for the work you do, union or not. I don't scoff at my doctor bills or other things that are on the higher end - because I realize that if everything was cheaper - there would be a decline in quality and a loss of many jobs to keep it cheap.

That's just some of my midnight ramblings.... thanks for reading!

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