Thursday, July 10, 2008

I did it!

Here's me at my first "real" job at Merrill Corp. Every year there was a upper floor competition on halloween costume and department design. In 2000, we chose Saloon, and I was Lady Rose, Piano/Diva. We had a sheriff, gunslingers, bartender, cowboys, root beer whiskey and pretzels, swinging double doors, the whole nine yards. There was even a parade of costumes and voting. We won best department decor.

It's been 7 years since I last had an interview for a job. I prayed the whole way to the temp agency. I just reminded myself that my skills have improved and now I have maturity to back them up. I told myself, I am just going to talk to another normal person and do my best at their computer testing - no pressure.

I'm a COMPUTER GEEK: I scored 90-100% on all tests. My results came out around 20% higher than their averages, and she said that I have acceptional knowledge, higher than most people she sees coming in there. And I found out I can type 44 words per minute (32 is average) with 97% accuracy. I was IN THE ZONE! So thanks for the prayers. I later went over to Office Depot who has 3 openings that I qualify for. One is there "Document, Print and Ship Specialist PT." That one is right up my alley.

I told Tom, if I never get a job - this day was still worth it. I learned that after all these years "I still got it!" and I'm even better and more professional than before. The interviewer said I am a "desired candidate." Oh what a feeling - a real sense of accomplishement right there.

Tom went to his Carpenter's Union meeting. He's really got connections for a few jobs, but it's just a matter of the boss-man to say "okay Tom, come on down and bring your tools." He's making dozens of calls and emails every day. We're on day 3 of the St Joseph Novena, and praying for his employment to come along before mine.

Tomorrow we go to the food shelf to help us along. I've been scouring the backs of the cupboards trying to group food into meals. I tell you, I have frozen meat to last maybe 2-3 weeks, cereal, noodles, rice, frozen veggies, PB, rice cakes, crackers, drink mixes, some canned fruit, pickels, and every condiment known to man. Condiments take up probably 50% of my fridge! And we got candy to last the rest of the year from past events and holidays. What do ytou make with that!? But I am noticing what the food shelves must see - a shortage on baby food, formula, and expensive perishables such as lettuce, bread, milk, bananas - and one-time-use diapers, toilet paper, and other bathroom supplies, etc. That is why I am determined to let others know and when we are having good times, PLEASE DONATE GROCERY GIFT CARDS or cash to your local food shelves. We can have all the non-perishable foods in our cupboards - but they don't make much of a healthy meal without the fresh stuff. That's where the cards come in.

Don't get me wrong, we do have money in our account from unemployment checks, but it is on strict reserve for paying outstanding medical bills, cc's, utilities, insurance and house payments. Who knows how long this drought will last for us? I've heard on the news that some families are having to chose between gas for work or groceries for their family. Thousands of carpenters are unemployed with maxed out unemployment accounts, no insurance, and no jobs in sight. What on earth are we supposed to do? And that's just one group of people.

I want to send a special THANK YOU to everyone who's emailed me and included me in their prayers. Thanks to my parents and Tom's for casually giving us food/meals or leaving it behind after getting together. (I noticed your kind thought behind it.) And an extra special shout out to Jamie, who's SO giving of herself. When she came over to take us swimming the other day (forgot my camera), she casually says "I got something for you." She hands over a bag of meat and veggies for the freezer, a bag for the cupboard, and a big box of wet wipes. I couldn't help but tear up. It was a mix of emotions. One being, I never thought WE would be on the receiving end of charity - but I gratefully received it followed by a big hug. Even Tom got tears in his eyes. And the other part that struck me, is I've been waiting to find a TRUE friendship beyond my husband - and there's Jaime. Such a sweet woman who is always ready with a compliment and a positive attitude. My guardian angel must have tapped her on the shoulder to get her to look my way, because she's been a pool of grace from God to me.

Okay, before I tear up again, I'm going to get back to working on this yearbook. I am trying to not make it a burden. I made extra efforts to stay away today and have some time with the kids. It's hard when there is so much to do around here.




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  1. Ok, let me wipe my tears away so I can type!!

    First, I really did nothing and feel quite helpless in being able to help you out. I wish we had $1000 and could say "here, go buy groceries for a few weeks"

    Great heart-felt post.

    I am very glad to get to know you. You are such a sweet person and every time I'm with you I want to get to know you better. You are so very talented and it does not surprise me that you did so well at the job thing the other day! I'm glad it gave you the confidence you need. Sam's Club starts at $9/hr but you'd have to be available pretty much all the times they are open or they won't hire.

    God will get you all through. I'm sure Tom is going through different emotions in this trial as you are. You will get through. God will provide.

    No present for Katherine, a nice homemade picture by Mikayla would be perfect! Angela is screaming, have to gooooooo!


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