Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What a pair!

My Babies - Mikayla is almost 6, Stanley is 4, and Sabrina is 10 months old. I can't believe I am a mother - and to 3 babies here and 2 in heaven. I'm only 28! [Well, there are some who had more than that by now.] But as we reminisce over old photos, there are distinct similarities between our children. That look that says, you're a Michalek kid. Point in case, my girls pictured above. These photos were taken when they were 10 months old in the same outfits and same crib. They've both just learned to pull themselves up in the crib. So many people tell me how much Sabrina looks just like Mikayla did. As a mother, I really didn't see it until I grabbed the photo album. I saw similarities, but they look different - I just can't figure out what it is (maybe the eyebrows? maybe which teeth show when they smile?) There individual personality shines though the photographs. [By the way, Mikayla is on the left and Sabrina on the right.]I knew it, but now I really see it. God is truly amazing how he can create us in His likeness, and in the likeness of our family. It just wow's me! And this is just a few of us, imagine if I put up pictures of the rest of my family at this age - we all look so much alike.

Oh - I gotta go kiss them now.


  1. Very cute!! I have a picture of Ballerina Rosie when she was a baby and she looks exactly like Babycakes!!

    This was a fun post, you weren't exagerating at all, you were white blonde!! Amazing, huh?

  2. Amazing! God is so awesome, isn't He? I didn't realize you had posted about this same thing! See? We even think alike! ;)


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