Friday, July 4, 2008

What we've been up to lately...

Our Summer Activities

We are having so much fun lately, despite our hard times with Tom unable to find any work (in the state of MN anyways). We're keeping busy.

Saturday June 28th we went to the Molitor's organic dairy farm in Richmond MN. They had Wild Country 98.9 out there, with free rootbeer from Cold Spring Brewery, as well as organic milk, ice cream with strawberries and rootbeer floats. They had a little petting zoo with ducks, chicks, puppies, pigs, mini horses, and cows. They had cute games like Cow Pie Bingo where if the cow pooped on the square marked with your number, you won a prize. Or the bale throwing contest, which Tom tried and did great - but not as good as a local priest who won.

Afterwards we got dolled up, and Tom and I went to the St Cloud Ballroom Dance Club's Saturday Night. For $10 we got one hour group lesson and 3 hours of dancing/practice! It worked great when we wanted to dance at a cousin's wedding, with many more this fall. We finally know how to dance - to any song really!

We've been going out on walks in the neighborhood, which is nice. We've been encouraging Mikayla to try to ride her bike with out training wheels, but she's not to thrilled about it. She is more interested in playing with all her friends this summer, and going swimming. Stanley is riding his big boy bike with trainers on, and really enjoying the family time. He's getting taller again, now 4 yrs old, and getting better at obeying - which is really nice for a change. Sabrina is still teething with 8 in so far. She's crawling around, but likes to just plop herself in the middle of all the action here. She'll follow me around the room, sit up, and say mama with her hands in the air. It's too cute to resist, as you can well imagine.

Thursday we took a second drive to the cities, so Tom could go job hunting. The rest of us spent time and my parents home, just a casual day - mom and I sharing info about the progress of our homeschool yearbooks. We're both in charge of that for our groups. That is taking up most of my time lately. We're up to 33 families participating by creating family pages and purchasing a copy - which is over 50% of the catholic families in our small group. Then I have about 37-40 pages I am working on about the groups and events of the past year. It's quite a challenge, but I just love it! Just another 2 weeks to finish it all.

Today we were in the St. Joseph Parade. We are apart of the homeschool group's Kids Prolife Club "America's Future." We help promote prolife in our community and support Birthline and Prolife Across America -the billboard people.

The parade was fun for all of us...

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