Monday, August 11, 2008

Adventures in Sewing

I was inspired by Jamie's blog about her girls' Twirly Skirts, to start doing some sewing of my own. I'm by no means a pro at it, but I can do it, especially if there is a pattern or another to copy. So I found some discount fabrics, found some modest patterns, and wahlah! I got me some skirts, dresses, valances, blankees, purses and more. Keep in mind, I've only finished 2 skirts and a valance today. The dresses are going to take a little longer for me. But it was a nice break in my routine while I watched the kids play outside in the sandbox.

Mikayla just loved her twirly skirt. She asked if she could wear it all the time. So in love with it myself, i said no - I'd have to make a play skirt for playtime. This material was picked out by this fairy princess at JoAnn Fabrics. She just loves butterflies, and found the perfect match of materials! She's got her mother's eye for it!

Twirly Skirt Pattern

Little Girls Dress 1

Girls Dress 2

A good site I found: The Kings Daughters

This is a fun valance I put together for our school room. The material has little school supplies on it like scissors, crayons, glue, and rulers. I embellished with some buttons. I've made curtains before, but it's my favorite one so far! Now I have to paint the room to match! Agh! It will drive me nuts soon enough.

This is merely to prove that I really did make these things, not buy it. But for those who know me already, you know I can't just follow a pattern - I add, I modify, I adjust with ease! I "Melissa-fy it!"

So while I am sewing, I am also painting our closet and bathroom, preparing Mikayla's 6th Birthday party (yes - purple butterfly party), planning our school year (luckily I got Seton's curriculum to start from) , delivering the homeschool group's yearbooks, and a list of about 40 other things! I am one busy momma this month!

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  1. Oh, Melissa, the skirt turned out beautiful!!! I love the tie, will that wash up good? Wow, great job!!!!

    The curtain is beautiful too, where is it? in the office?
    You are one of the most talented people I know, just amazing!!

    Can't wait for the party!


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