Friday, September 5, 2008

The Feast of Bl. Teresa of Calcutta

This here is a beautiful video of Mother Teresa of Calcutta speaking about what we are doing to ourselves as people of the world, and what we need to become God's people. Please watch it in a quiet moment, and have your family watch it with you.
Today I will have the kids color Bl Teresa of Calcutta and we will talk about her mission to help the poor. A mission which I believe is our family's also.
And another highlight for the McCain-Palin campaign, did you know that Sen. McCain's youngest child was adopted by the urge of Mother Teresa and the passionate love of Mrs. McCain. My sister was adopted from Korea, and I see such an imense amount of blessings that come from adoption. Chances at a happy and full life given by every day people, that the child might never have gotten.
H/T: Catholic Fire (another great Catholic Blog! Check it out)

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