Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our first day!

Mikayla - 1st Grader

Stanley - Preschooler

The first day of official homeschooling with a schedule went rather well. We started Mikayla off with Seton's 1st grade, and Stanley is dabbling in Preschool. Sabrina spent her day crawling around distracting us and eating paper off my activity box. We followed our schedule to a T today, even though it's 5pm and we're doing our English and baking cookies now while Daddy is home.

I hope your day went okay too!

A fun, all food group, meal. Not bad I think for the youngins!


  1. Darling!

    I think it's funny 'cos we are just finishing first quarter and everyone else is just beginning! Have a blessed year!

  2. Love the lunch trays - Shower of Roses just posted on the benefits of these! She found some at a dollar store - where did you find yours?

    I usually avoid plastic, but think that if these can go in the dishwasher and save space I may be able to go back to running the dishwasher inky once a day!


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