Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tragedy Strikes!

For those of you who watch/read the news today - my husband is okay. He works at the Monticello Nuclear Power Plant where there was a tragic accident today. Please keep this man's family in your prayers, as they seek consolation. May they have a deep rooted faith to still the shaking of their souls.

WCCO Ch4 Article
Star Tribune Article
KSTP Ch5 News
Kare11 News

Reading more online, I find another person just died on Hwy 15 near our home being hit by a windmill a truck was hualing. Could have been someone coming home from work, perhaps someone I know. Two more in a car accident in Detroit Lakes. And a bicyclist was injured in a hit and run - all today! On top of that, thousands died from wars and abortions as you may have seen on Totus Tuus's blog yesterday.

This is why I hate watching the news! So much death and sorrow. It's simply "shocking," excuse the pun. Sometimes this is why "ignorance is bliss."

Grateful to have my family!


  1. Just keep praying. Just trust in the Lord - He knows what's going on we just have to trust Him and love those who are left here to pick up the pieces.

  2. So glad that your husband wasn't hurt. I will say a prayer for the other souls and their families.


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