Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What a weekend!

Okay, the only school that occured from Friday to Monday was me planning out this 4th week of school. The kids did some coloring, and that was all they could handle.

Thursday was Sabrina's 1st Birthday! What a cutie pie in mommy's old dress. She napped most of that day, but had a blast playing with the kids for the rest of it. She even got a chocolate chip cookie to eat for dessert. She wanted more!

Saturday night, Tom and I decided to go on a date. We planned to run some errands, go out to eat, then go to the Ballroom Blast dance. What we did was visit Target and buy everything we weren't there for originally, ate dinner at Grantite City where our meal went wrong and we ended up with a free dessert, then at the spur of the moment because both of us were just sore from who knows what, we went to Sal's to play some pool like we did when we first dated. Okay, so picture us dressed to go ballroom dancing (basically church clothes) going to a college bar - pulling up in our minivan no less - then going to play some pool while sipping on a single can of pop. We started the yawning right around 9:30pm. When the DJ arrived and played nothing but rap from 10:30-11:30 we decided to call it a night. I guess those "good ol days" are gone. Now we wish we would have just tried out the ballroom dancing.

Sunday came quickly, and we were tired as heck. I went grocery shopping after church thinking I had plenty of time until Sabrina's birthday party would begin at 3pm. Well, I was still fixing food and cleaning up when guests arrived. But it turned out to be a really nice day. So nice infact, we all decided to go outside.

^ That's Bobby and Annaleah with Sabrina.

I'm one, sugar coated and very tired.

I think the kids enlisted her in their gang of Naughty Bandits the moment she turned one, because since then she's had nothing but a mind of her own. Happy birthday baby.

Last night I must have bruised my fingers internally, from ripping up sod by hand and got to planting some of my bulbs. Last Friday I got in for my routine massage therpay because I get aches and pains so bad I can get dizzy or have a hard time walking around. He said that my computer time has strained and pinched a nerve in my right arm. I never thought a bodily injury would be the reason I stay off of here for longer periods of time. Hmmm. Not the lack of sleep or lack of family time due to staying on here too long. But a "kink" in my arm.

So here I am on Tuesday, finally able to give you the briefest report of what I've been up to. Thanks for reading!

God Bless you and yours!


  1. Happy Birthday to sweet little Sabrina!!!

    Your date sounded hilarious the way you described it...it is funny though what we used to do when we were young, we just can't do that anymore, huh?

    Glad you had a nice night out with hubby though!

    Sorry about your hand, funny how you explained that too, funny we all have those kind of priorities, don't we?

    Glad to see the beautiful pictures though!!

    I miss you...see you soon!


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