Monday, October 13, 2008

Autumn Spleandors

We just love visiting the Michalek Family farm and Tom & Vickie's farm in the fall. The trees just scream, capture me on film or paper. Here are some pictures we took this past weekend.

Autumn days at the family farm include mending the fences,
picking up leaves, and waiting for the apples to ripen!

Autumn means new adventures waiting to happen.
It's time for learning about how things grow and change.

We learn about God's beautiful creation and
the artwork He's made for us to enjoy.

Wicks' Fall Birthday Celebration

It was a beautiful fall day, with just a few sprinkles of rain. The fall birthday people were honored with a special party loaded with fun. We started the day with a taco bar with all the fixin's.
Many of us headed out to the pumpkin patch to pick our own pumpkins and decorative gourds. I think everyone left with a bagful! What a treat!
Then Uncle Tom geared up his tractor and we all jumped on the hay wagon for a beautiful ride through the woods so full of color. We weren't certain if we'd get soaked or not, so we went anyways with our jackets on and hopes high.
We were blessed with a dry trip and soft hay!

The kids and I had so much fun looking at all the beautiful leaves, keeping an eye out for deer, and hanging on with every bump and turn! This really made our fall complete.

When we came back, we gathered for pictures and presents. Grandpa Orlin and Grandma Doris had quite the surprise for us with halloween gifts for the little ones, and thoughtful gifts for the birthday crew (Tom W, Tim, Brian, Tom M, Melissa, Jessica, Sarah, and Sabrina). [Stanley wanted to be in the picture, even though he has a summer bday!]

Vickie spoiled us with fried ice cream and cheesecake topped with freshly handpicked raspberries. The kids colored, adults conversed nicely, and even the two babies played together.

Overall it was a fabulous way to spend a Sunday in the autumn.
We only wish it would have lasted longer!

Happy Birthday to all autumn babies!


  1. Melissa, You are a wonderful mother and a wonderful daughter. Your constant work in keeping poeple encouraged (like me) is inspiring. I take time to thank God for you everyday. You and your wonderful family are a wellspring of happiness and joy. May God bless you this day... Dad

  2. Melissa - you are a bright spot in our lives. Your constant encouragement to everyone is so fresh and wonderful(especially when you encourage me). Every time I think of you I see that little girl running across the field at St. Paul's yelling, 'Give it to GOd, Daddy!" What ablessing you are to all of us.



Thank you for reading about our family. I look forwards to sharing ideas, joys and struggles. God Bless you in your journey!


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