Thursday, November 6, 2008

I wanna hold your hand

Holding Hands Reduces Stress!
Okay, this is old news to many - but new to me. There was a study done on neurological senses and their affect on stress. The articles were published back in 2006, but I think still have merit to read and discuss.

WebMD: Holding Hands May Reduce Stress

New York Times: Holding a loved one's hand can reduce stress

Women's Health Magazine: Helping Hand

Tom and I hold hands all the time. And it's amazing how many times we get comments from older couples.

Some are sarcastic in nature, saying that we'll grow out of that. To them I say, we've been holding hands since date #2 and that was nearly 8 years ago. I don't think so. It's one of those little things we'll never let go of.

Then there are the other comments that are so positive. Just a few weeks ago, at Tom's union dinner, a retired carpenter noticed us holding hands as we walked out to our vehicle. He said "you're still holding hands? You rarely see that these days." I said back, "I don't get to very often because I usually have 3 smaller hands in mine." Of course the two couples who heard this smiled brightly. I like to think we're a reminder to other couples that PDA (public displays of affection) don't have to be disturbing - rather setting an example of love for your spouse.

I am often stressed out, especially with social anxiety, and I do feel calm in social situations when Tom and I hold hands. When I have nightmares, I reach out for his hand to calm myself. We hold hands in church if we can. I notice when Tom gets nervous, he almost forcably holds my hand and stands really close to me. It's kinda cute really and flattering. We also hold hands in restaurants across the table when we are waiting for our food. Waiters seem to like that. Of course that is on those date nights we know are so important for us. Date nights usually consist of dinner and some activity such as playing pool, ballroom dancing, or a movie. Activities that require conversation and closeness.

Do you hold your spouse's hand often? Do you have a date night at least once a month? Maybe you should try it - and see if it calms you after a long stressful day. See if it helps refresh your marriage.

If your marriage needs a little extra something, or some major change... I highly recommend the book I am reading now. It is from the movie Fireproof. It is called The Love Dare book. Just in a few weeks it has done amazing things for our marriage that was a little rocky nearing the 7 year itch. It is biblically based, and challenges you every day for 40 days.

{Side note: we bought the couple study bundle including 2 Love Dare books - because you journal in them, plus 10 extra books we've given away to other couples... bought them from I suggest you buy at least one extra to give away to a couple you know.}

God Bless you and yours!

"I Wanna Hold Your Hand" - the Beatles

"I Wanna Hold Your Hand" - 1979 band remake

"I Wanna Hold Your Hand" - Across the Universe Movie

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  1. aaaahhhhH, this is such a cute post.

    Tom and I somehow the last 2 weeks have sat next to eachother during Mass and when we do that, we hold hands, automatically.

    We usually sit apart with the kiddos in the middle of us.

    Fun post Melissa, very fun!


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