Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving Ideas, Activities, Crafts...

Catholic Mom

Better Homes & Gardens

^This one is simple, construction paper, styrofoam cup,
construction paper and popcorn/treat!

Enchanted Learning = A plethera of printouts!!

Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

These people below are too cute, you can color them first, then use google eyes, yarn, noodles, glitter, etc to decorate their faces and outfits. I'll probably be printing them onto cardstock.

^ This Give Thanks Sign was made on graph paper, using markers to x the boxes like a cross stitch pattern. The directions say it takes 1-2 hours for grades 3-5?
Tabletop Pilgrims & Native Americans
^I am thinking of making these next year with my kids to help them recognize the attire of natives and pilgrims. But it uses toilet paper and paper towel tubes, which I need to save up. Links has one of the the best link lists I think to kids activities.
Oriental has great craft kits and ideas, some are easy enough to pull out of your own craft bin.
^I got these placemat kits from Oriental Trading Co. My 4 and 6 year old did very well with it. It's a great weaving project, and it is only $0.86 per placemat. They have snowman ones too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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