Thursday, December 11, 2008

Naming our little miracle!

Well, even though they are slow in rising, my hcg numbers are rising, which means the pregnancy is progressing. In this state of hopefulness, we've begun the process of picking our names for our little boy or girl. (Though I really feel this one's a boy.) I think I grabbed about 6 books from the library yesterday.

So, I wanted you to get in on the fun, since you've been such a comfort during this process. Go to my blogsite at the end of my blogs, and you'll find a pregnancy ticker and a poll.

I will be going for another blood test and ultrasound tomorrow afternoon (friday). Thank you for all your continued prayers!

God Bless you and yours!

1 comment:

  1. I offered my holy hour for you and someone else newly pregnant. I voted for Cecilia because that's such a beautiful name, but Clarissa just named her baby girl that...(she was born 12-11 around 2am)so maybe you won't want that one. I also like Molly Jane. Nice names. Boy? I voted for Stephen Matthew.

    SO happy you are doing good and those numbers are going up!!!!

    Love your picture at the top, you look so happy, so does everyone else!


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