Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Advent Adventure

Happy Holidays Everyone!

It was really hectic getting through Thanksgiving, but the homilies the past few Sundays kept us focused on this season of preparation for the New Church Year. We also went on vacation Thurs-Sat, which was wonderful and relaxing. Now that we're back, were in full swing with shoping, sewing, decorating, baking, etc.

We are starting our Advent with the right decorations and tools to help us reflect on the "Reason for the Season" - that's the gift of Jesus, incase you didn't know! I am hoping to get to making my Jesse Tree ornaments for our upstairs tree. I found a cute pattern at Crafts Direct in their sewing project section. And of course we set up our advent wreath, which is a beautifully scuplted candle holder from Hallmark. (picture is just somehting I found online)

While decorating, Tom put up our nativity set, and I originally said to put it up in stages as it happened - but it looks so bare I think I'm just going to have the whole set up at once for us to enjoy and reflect on the whole image of the Christmas Story.

My dear friend Jamie emailed me about this free Advent Adventure from Holy Heroes, which gives us activities to do each day. It's wonderful and I suggest you take a peek! Or click here to join right away so you don't miss a day!

Jamie and I on my birthday (Nov 13).

Happy Advent Season!


  1. Oh, that's actually a very nice picture of us!!!

    I hope you had a wonderful vacation! I'm going to try to call soon. I have not gotten anything for that Holy Heroes thing yet though, so I resigned up and am hoping to get something. Have you gotten emails?

    We got our Advent stuff out, wreath, countdown stuff, prayers, but that's it so far. I can't get our lights to go on outside...checked the circuit, works, the lights work inside, just not outside!!! Oh, well!!

  2. Great photo of you and Jamie blue eyes!

    The blog looks great and congrats on the baby! My eldest was born on the 24th.

  3. Nice picture of you two ladies!!

    Congrats on the wonderful news. My little one was born on July 26th!

  4. That is a nice picture of the two of you. Have a blessed Advent.

  5. Oh, yeah, I'm so bloody daft! Great on the news of the babe, yeah! God bless you with such happy news. Hurrah!


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