Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Who gets to dip into the Stimulus Goodie Bag!?

The blog world is buzzing about this video on You Tube. It's had just under 500,000 views as of today. I sent these videos and the information I suggested below to local news stations. Watch the first video before reading my comments...

Here's a link to the original video Fox News and others are talking about, which I saw on multiple other blogs...

It seems this stimulus package the government is fondling with, is proposing to push unskilled minorities into the construction trade - which will leave many "White Male Skilled Construction Workers" out of work because of their race and sex. It will instead add several untrained workers to jobs that need precision. What the heck!? For a First Black President who wants to boost racial equality and the middle class economy, he sure has a team who FOCUSES on race.

This really flustered me, because my husband is one of those "professional White Male Construction Workers" our new Chief Economic Advisor thinks unfairly dominates the construction field. He believes that there should be a designated amount of construction jobs that should go to unskilled, low income minorities - suggesting they are not already an Equal Opportunity Employer. Because this guy, Richard Reich, for some reason thinks that these white guys shouldn't hog up the new stimulus plan - and their families will be just fine living off unemployment checks, and their skills are not important right now. That low income, unskilled minorities should benefit from the stimulus package more and work on our infrastructure instead of my husband, (because he's skilled, white and male.)

Lets reflect on I-35W Bridge....

Okay, there were hundreds if not thousands of qualified construction workers (all races)in MN that were unemployed for 3 months - some 6 months - some even longer. That ridiculous company that won the bid not only charged more than the local companies that bid, but they brought mostly guys from California instead of hiring qualified locals. (Way to help the community) And in some cases, they grabbed people who stopped by to look for work, instead of choosing from those hundreds who had been on waiting on lists for that job for weeks and months. One of them was my husband!

That's the kind of government decisions being made already. What ridiculousness will this administration bring?! Does Obama agree with this weirdo?
Do you really care what the person building your bridges looks like,
or do you care how well he or she does it?
Do Americans really want local, skilled construction workers who've been entrusted to these projects for years with regular training to hand off their much needed jobs to otheres just because they're minorities without proper skills? What happened to equality? What happened to wanting quality work? Will you really want to drive over those bridges? And will infrastructure in low income areas boost our economy?

Because, really, who needs high quality infrastructure in middle income neighborhoods that have a majority of the businesses on their streets.... right? Who wants skilled workers that can complete jobs quickly with accuracy, when you can spend half the time training in new people who WILL most likely mess up something on the job - costing taxpayers more money?

What do you think? Will our government settle for less? I think this is worth screaming to the world. I think that those thousands of construction workers that pushed and pushed us to vote for Obama, are going to be very upset at this news! They voted for him simply because he is democrat, democrats who say they are union (skilled) worker supporters. I think these workers, some who happen to be white and male, deserve a chance at this work as much as any other person who's worked their butt off going to school, training, and showing up for their job. I think those low income minorities shouldn't get a handout, just because of their race, sex or disability. If my husband doesn't get on those jobs because of his race and sex, we'll be just as poor and desperate as them. - We're already borderline on our way!

Interestingly enough, Robert Reich, this Chief Economic Advisor, wrote on his own blog today:
"The way to get the economy back on track is to boost the purchasing power of the middle class. One major way to do this is to expand the percentage of working Americans in unions."

Climbing down off my pedestal for the day...

Thank you for your time,
Melissa & Tom


How Canada did this back in 2005.

Here's what the Contributing Editor for career issues at U.S. News & World Report has to say.


  1. I guess we shouldn't have expected anything less. He's sure working fast on his liberal agenda. Giving sympathy to the terrorists, making it easier to kill the innocent. My husband told me that he also gave his first interview as Commander in Chief to an Arab t.v. station. Al Arabia I believe. That in his first week. I'm scared to see what he will do next.

  2. I get scared and antsy when reading this crap too, (about all the stuff Obama is doing) but the I remember that God is in control!!! And there is nothing I can do, except pray and accept His will!

    I love coming here, it changes every time, it looks great!!

  3. You are so right - MN workers should be hired for MN jobs.

    Also, I always wondered why more Louisianans weren't trained to help clean up after Katrina instead of being put up in tents to play video games all day!

  4. ^^^Exactly. Why aren`t people trained for work? Instead, because they are poor lonely folks in need of money they are more qualified than the educated or trained? This is insanity.

    Will they overlook their criminal records too? We wouldn`t want uneducated minorities to be hindered by a criminal past would we...sheesh. This is a slippery slope!

    (PS: My blog went a little nuts and deleted you as my follower. Sorry it wasn`t on purpose. I still haven`t been able to fix the columns yet).

    And, congrats on the new babe!! How exciting!!! Your only 10 weeks ahead of me ;P


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