Tuesday, February 3, 2009

St. Brigid - An example to many.

Feb 1st was the feast day of our homeschool saint
St. Brigid of Kildare (Ireland)
I chose St. Brigid for my Confirmation saint all those years ago. She caught my attention because of her love for art and her mentor was Bishop Mel - my nickname among friends at the time was "Mel." (By the way, I never like nicknames, especially that one.) Her faith life was brewed by her Christian mother, a slave to her father - a pagan king. She emerged from his grips, tended to her birthmother - freeing her from slavery, and later became a nun and abbess. She is the Saint of Ireland second to St. Patrick. I didn't know much about her back then, but her life has poured out to me over the past two years - helping me understand the relevance of her in my faith life.
When I prayed on a name for our homeschool, it was obvious to me who our Patron Saint would be. Sadly some people associate her name with wicken/druid practices probably because of her father and false legends. So I was thrilled that my blogsite of St. Brigids Academy googles above the wicken school in California with the same name. I hope that strayed visitors will stop and gain some perspective on the Christianity embraced by St. Brigid and those who love and appreciate the truth about her.
Here is a beautiful account of her life. There are many references online.
St. Brigid is was an advocate for the poor and hungry. This has become my family's main mission. I am excited to find out what other ways her Sainthood will move us to become saintly ourselves.
some of HER PRAYERS:
O God, bless my pantry! Pantry which the Lord has blessed, never be lacking in aught! Mary's Son, my Friend, come and bless my pantry, let there be abundance ever on the board!
Prayer with St. Brigids Cross: May Brigid bless the house wherein you dwell. Bless every fireside, every wall and door. Bless every heart that beats beneath its roof. Bless every hand that toils to bring it joy. Bless every foot that walks its portals through. May Brigid bless the house that shelters you.
Beloved Father, just before Saint Brigid was born, her Christian mother was sold to a Druid landowner. Even though she grew up oppressed as a slave, she found great joy in loving You. As the patron saint of babies, she has a special concern for the gift of new life, so I ask her to pray for the babies in my family, both born and unborn. May they grow up with Jesus and obtain the joy of knowing Him. I place into Your loving hands, Father, all the babies who died prematurely, through abortion, miscarriage or medical conditions. Ask them, Lord, to intercede for me and my family. Saint Brigid, pray for us. Amen. (prayer from here)

PLEASE SEND YOUR CONGRATS to the newest pregnant mommy in blogspace!
> Our Catholic Family from Ohio.
Another blogger wrote a little tidbit about St. Brigid too:

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  1. I'm wishing I had chosen a nice Saints name for our homeschool. I couldn't think of a single name when I was trying to think of it and I just chose our last name. My patron Saint is St. Anne. That would have been nice. It's my middle name and that's why I chose it as my confirmation name. I never knew at the time that she was the patron saint of homemakers. Now look at me. My life is devoted to homemaking. Things seem to kind of work like that in my life for some reason. It's kind of exciting in a way.
    I'm still learning about a lot of the saints, because I wasn't well taught growing up, so I didn't know much about St. Brigid before.


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