Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Warm-up in February!

There are many feet of snow on the ground from January's -45 below wind chill weather and snowstorms. But Feb 1st, last Sunday, the sunny, mild winded, 45 degrees above day mixed with my cabin fever got me all excited to go outside with the kids.

We have tried for a few months now to make a snowman, but the snow was so fluffy, it would just puff away like a cloud. So this day was special, because the warmth made the snow just the perfect amount of sticky! We built, shoveled, played, and laughed.

Mikayla rolled that snowball as long as she could. I kept telling her we needed it to be bigger for the body of the massive snowman I had in mind. Obviously she had a different point of view.

So Daddy came to her rescue and helped get that perfect ball of snow up on the base I had carved and molded out of the huge snowhill.
Grandma Pat found a snowman kit for all our accessory needs. We explained to Stanley that we can't break a branch off just any tree he wanted, and found some arms in the back pines. Later I added a KFC colonel mustache and goatee as well as ears. By the next day they had melted into elf ears and a clean shave.

Mikayla and Stanley had such a blast, Tom finally got the driveway clear of all that packed down ice and snow, Sabrina got an uninterrupted nap inside, and I....
I got a burst of energy, a fun time with my kiddos who had only seen me glued to a couch or bed for weeks, as well as a breath of fresh - crisp - Minnesota warm air. It was fabulous!
God Bless you and yours!


  1. Yes!! That is a great snowman!! Ealier in the year, right after we got our first snow, the kids made their first snowman on their own!!! All other years I've been the snowman maker--it was really fun to watch them!

    Today is going to be another warm one and we can't wait to go outside this afternoon!! It gives us some hope for warmer weather coming!!


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