Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Update

We've been busy and I've been good about staying off the computer as much as possible. Got a lot done! So here are some picture updates of what we've been doing...

We're almost finished with the new schoolroom. Here's a sneak peek!

We spent our last weekend together, before Tom began working weekends, at the Science Museum of MN. The kids just sat in awe during the Omni Theatre presentation of the Grand Canyon. Then we went on to EVERY exhibit available! What a special field trip. The nice thing is we got it all for just $2 a person.

How old are you?

Pump it up!

In the Grand Canyon!

Easter was such a lovely day here in Minnesota. A little breezy, but the sunshine helped us "feel" the season better. We spent the weekend at Melissa's parent's home.

With the sun shining in our faces, it was hard to take a decent picture... But here you can see the dresses I spent 4 days sewing for my little girls. Last summer I found this fabric for $2/yard which is a steal - and worked awesome for this pattern. Of course I "Melissa-fied" it. Stanley wanted me to sew him a little something too. I came up with a handkee, perfect for keeping that runny nose off his new shirt.

Melissa's dad is a Deacon and did a tremendous job singing and more at the Easter Vigil. The kids got antsy by hour number two, but we managed. It was a beautiful service, and surprising to see a long line of RCIA students. When 3 hours passed, we were glad to go over to the cookie reception and then off to bed.

I am now at almost 26 weeks along (6 mths) with our little Molly-Jonathan. We have another chance to determine gender on June 2nd, my next ultrasound. I've lost 11 pounds and holding, but my belly is definately rounding out and moving! We got another kicker.

I've filled my first powerade bottle full of over 100 needles from insulin shots and almost twice as many blood test strips. I really feel for those who suffer from Diabetes as a lifetime struggle. This is hard!

Mikayla got a haircut, because it's warm and she can't stand me brushing her hair. It sure is cute. Her face looks a LOT like me when I was little, and looks a bit like my mom when she was in her 20's with short brown hair. Mikayla is working on 4th Quarter 1st Grade Seton Home Study program, with a goal to be finished in May. She just LOVES to read!

Sabrina loves her time to play the piano. She's a lot like her Auntie Annie (also Godmother) who played in the same manner when she was this age.

Sabrina also insists on eating at the counter with the big kids, and walking instead of sliding down the stairs.

Thanks for sharing in our memories!

God Bless you and yours!


  1. Good job Melissa,
    Great photos of everyone and all you’ve been up to. Looks like a great time at the Science Museum.

    Love the new haircut Mikayla… you look older. It will be nice and cool for the summer!

    Not too bad on the family picture…finally!

    Have a wonder..filled day!


  2. Melissa, you look super!!! I can't believe people can lose weight when pregnant!! I'm gaining constantly, like usual!

    *you really do look great!

    Love Mikayla's hair, very cute!

    Those dresses turned out wonderful, you are so talented!!

    Great family picture!

    OK, have to ask, why are you saving your needles? You actually follow the rules and get a new one each time? Wow, I'm impressed!

    I use the needles until they hurt and are dull, then it's time for a new one, Oh, and I also take my shots right through my clothes...I know, I'm bad!

  3. I hear you on the limited computer time. We have been busy out and about lately:) You look wonderful! Congrats on month 6!! I'm so excited for you! We must get together soon. Em has the same goal as Mikayla, school done by the end of May(we are working hard)! Well I will talk to you soon. The family all looks wonderful and you have a beautiful pregnancy glow! Talk to you soon:) Amanda

  4. You look fab, darling! Good on you to have been able to exercise yourself away from the blogs during Lent and it sticking. I was going to comment back on my blog, but since you likely check yours more often here's my go:

    This book on Sex covers that topic you are wanting to write about. Let's just say I did learn something. :)

    Many blessings to you!
    My imposed break from blogging will begin 18 May. I don't know when I'll be back at that point. If we get a laptop sooner - if not (I actually hope not - trying to save money and we have three PC's already) it could be end of July.

    I'm continuing to keep all my blogger friends in prayer - God bless you.


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