Friday, July 3, 2009

Operation Countdown

Well, here I am counting down the last 20 days of my pregnancy.
I swear this has been the longest pregnancy ever!

Pics at 24wks & 32 wks - I'm now 36 wks. I LOST 13 pounds in the first 7 months, and in the 8th month gained 11 of it back. So I figure I'll be at my starting weight on Jonathan's birthday. Wow - that never happened before. So I look pretty much the same, just rounder belly and some say I look better than ever. Must be the long thick hair and tan I've aquired?

It's been hot even in the A/C, with the acception of this past few cooler days which brought much relief. My shoulders and hips have been the most bothersome because of lying on my side through the night. My wonderful husband has twice treated me to a Prenatal Massage at the DayLily Spa. It's quite the hour of bliss I needed - and comes highly recommended. Back on Mother's Day I treated my mom and sister to a few hour session at the nail salon. Wow - those mani-pedicures are expensive but the perfect treat for sore feet and tired hands. Now that these spa experiences have worn off, I may be rendering the free services of my 7 year old daughter!

We've been extremely busy with activities and house projects. Tom's quite the trooper when it comes to taking over for me. He's Mr. Mom by washing the floors, toilets, dishes and laundry. [Obviously not in that order!] ...amongst other things. My hero, that man is. Funny note, I told him to take a last look at my lucious long and thick hair - it may be the last time it is ever this thick. He laughed and said, "Same here."

For all the other happenings in my family, that will have to wait for another post - - - because I have A LOT of GREAT pictures!!!! Please be sure to check back soon! And of course, in 3 weeks you will get to see Jonathan for his first cameo appearance.

This is today's featured purchase to help me handle my little ones and still have a good hold on little Jonathan. She even had one for my girls. You can find these at the
Lovely Duds Etsy Shop...

You could also purchase 6 yards of jersy knit fabric, cut in half lengthwise, and you'd have two plain ones. Directions on how to wear these can be found here and apparently all over YouTube.


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  1. Truly, you look so beautiful!! So good to see you today, thank you so very much for watching my littles and making us a lovely lunch!!


Thank you for reading about our family. I look forwards to sharing ideas, joys and struggles. God Bless you in your journey!


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