Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February - Lent Projects

Lourdes Krispie-Grotto
Feb 11 Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto – made with fruity pebbles rice krispie bars. Inspired by the recipe from Catholic Cuisine. We molded the pan of kripie rice bars when it had cooled slightly. We needed stars, so I borrowed a few from Jonathan's infant treats. Just as we thought, Tom munched down the complimentary snowman beside it. This was fun to make and eat! This is certainly one we'll be doing again each year.

And our Mardi Gras (Pancake Tuesday/Fat Tuesday) celebration yesterday included these pancakes.

Mardi Gras pancakesMardi Gras pancakes  

The kids second guessed me when they saw this batter. But I just added food coloring, not flavors. It was a fun lesson and breakfast! While they savored in this yummy meal, we talked about the colors of Mardi Gras and how it preceeds Lent and fasting.

Mardi Gras pancakes

They loved making masks to their liking. I had been holding on to these wooden masks found at the craft store some two or three years ago. We used regular paints, and while it was still wet sprinkled on some gold glitter. After it dried we added gems, having them each choose two at a time from the pile until it was gone. For some reason that really tickled their fancy!

Stanley Mask Sabrina Mask Mikayla Mask

And finally for today and the rest of Lent, we have our Bean Jar out! Every good deed and sacrifice is rewarded with a dried kidney bean. On Easter Sunday they are replaced with Jelly beans to eat!

2010 Lent Bean Jar

Next year I hope to use the idea pictured below, where as you put a bean in the bowl that is surrounded by a wreath of thorns (toothpicks in a vine wreath - and here), you take out a thorn from Jesus' crown. It would be a valuable lesson for my impressionable children.

Read about our Sacrifice Bin at my Growing in Grace blog.

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