Friday, March 19, 2010

Not much time to rest

I wake up in the morning, just a few hours after Tom has gone to bed. Within minutes, my spot is overtaken by someone – be it Jonathan or the whole circus I call my children.

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Sometimes they let Tom finish sleeping, sometimes he gives in and gets up. Yes, he wears earplugs some mornings. We’re working on this new routine. We should have it down by the time he’s done working nights! ;-)

Mikayla is having a fabulous time riding her bike without training wheels. It’s like a whole new her, and it’s transferred into her waking up earlier and getting her school done before lunch! She’s my oldest, preparing to make her First Holy Communion in just a few more weeks!

Mommy got a new bike, Mikayla’s riding a lot, Stanley’s brave to ride with us, and Tom drug his bike out of the shed (almost 9 years since he’s ridden) – and we are all syked for a bike ride…. but what about Sabrina and Jonathan you ask??

They got a new ride too! This thing rocks!


This is our new “Burley” which was clearanced out at Erik’s Bike Shop, and it came with so many great features the others didn’t have (it pays to do research) … we knew it would be the perfect fit for our kiddos. Jonathan falls asleep every time we take it with us for a walk. It glides like a dream, keeps them warm and dry and has room to spare. I highly recommend these if you want to walk or bike with your little ones.

Well, now that it’s over, I can say a little bit… My sister, Annaleah, had surgery on her heart on St. Patrick’s Day. Tom stayed home with the kids and played outside in the sunshine and ate these green icing cinnamon rolls. Jonathan and I joined my family at the hospital from 6am-3pm while my sister went in for some exploratory surgery to see why her heart had been racing so often. Did I mention she’s only 21?  She was so brave. Thank the Lord they fixed her up and she seems to be doing very well, sore but good. [Don’t worry Annie – no pictures.]

So today we started spring cleaning. Washing up the floors was on the top of the to do list. Everyone helped! Also took down the last of the snowmen decor.  HAPPY SPRING!!!!!


Today Tom began making tool boxes for the kids in honor of St. Joseph’s feast day today. Pics and details soon!

What a week.

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